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George's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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George Roberts
6 December 2012

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If people are going to work as a study circle, I am not sure Cloudworks is the space for that.

I will most likely be using Google Docs with my circle and then pasting updates here. I am also looking for a way to embed content from a WordPress blog.

George Roberts
15:09 on 7 January 2013 (Edited 15:12 on 7 January 2013)

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Learning design for FSLT13 sketch

Learning design for FSLT13 sketch

added by George Roberts

added by George Roberts


George Roberts
3:10pm 7 January 2013

Or, does one collaborate in a cloud through the discussion?

Joshua Underwood
10:02am 8 January 2013

I'm also expecting Google Docs and various other tools to be more useful for collaboration within a study circle (maybe even Google+ hangouts for small live discussions in teams) and wanting to use WordPress for my learning journal.

I'm imagining using clouds and cloudscapes to collect together and display (curate?) my own and team responses to the MOOC activities and I'm not sure how that will work. I'm hoping you can embed posts from WordPress in clouds (+ Add embedded content - it seemed to work for me in a test).

As you say on your blog there are differences in opinion within the oldsmooc team, which we are attempting to be open about. Personally I find CloudWorks challenging, I get lost frequently. But I am beginning to see some advantages. I'm hoping CloudWorks will work for aggregating what participants and teams produce. It'll be interesitng to see how it works out...

George Roberts
9:34pm 9 January 2013

Hi Joshua

Thanks for the comment. i tried to embed the WordPress blog and did not succeed. Maybe if I could find a "Gadget"? it will be interesting to see how Cloudworks stands up to this kind of use. I wouldn't have thought of using it as a learning environment. But, it is interesting not defaulting to Moodle

Irmgard Huppe
10:23pm 10 January 2013

Hello George

trying to find my way in the clouds. Bit of a challenge. You'll be fine, I think. So far I haven't seen a virtual space which prevented you from inhabiting it :)

Rebecca Ferguson
2:07pm 21 February 2013

Hi George,

I'm clicking through, following a verification link.

As a Cloudworks user who uses the site as a resource, and who is not following the OLDS MOOC, I'd have found it helpful to have a few sentences of explanation. I wasn't sure why guests were represented by asterisks, and why the design suddenly stops after learning with small groups?

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