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Track OER - frequently asked questions

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Nick Freear
7 December 2012

  1. Did you make a video blog and where is it?

    There are two “Grand Finale” videos,

  2. Where is the resultant code?

    The code is available for download under open-source licenses,

    It is installed here,

  3. And is LTS using the code now? Does it have plans to?

    CaPRéT is in use on LabSpace B2S, and the Zip downloads containing tracking codes will be available shortly,

  4. Could you spell out what this will actually mean for Open Media Unit (OMU) at The Open University in practice?

    • OMU should be able to find out,

      1. If OpenLearn/ LabSpace content in being re-used
      2. The method (that is, download, or cut and paste), and
      3. Something about who is re-using and how – see these custom report configurations.
    • We explored Piwik and Google Analytics based tracking, but in practice, for production purposes we are using GA – a known quantity for OMU.

  5. And what will it mean for the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) from a research perspective?

    • We’ve met the objectives of the JISC-funded Track OER project,
    • We've undertaken a successful collaboration with OMU and LTS, including the key OpenLearn developer, Guy Barrett,
    • We are collecting data that can be visualized later, eg. via the OLNet evidence hub,
    • We haven’t yet done integration/ visualization work for the evidence hub (out of scope for Track OER),

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