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Yishay Mor
7 December 2012

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Siobhan Duvigneau
6:06pm 5 April 2014 (Edited 6:08pm 5 April 2014)

I was immediately struck by the ease with which I could understand the 4Ts model, presumably because it is a visual representation of the learning experience. This would work particularly well in an environment which required careful planning, for instance a live streaming event or a virtual learning event (such as a webinar) which involved a number of learning instructors or coordination team. It is very similar to a shot-list for a film or video. I'm assuming this model would be supplemented by more detailed notes for those practitioners with limited experience, although for experienced practitioners (or individuals more confident in the subject domain) I could see several affordances such as the ability to follow the visual cues from a moderate distance, and the ease with which one can compare what was designed and actually delivered. This model would make an excellent visual accompaniment to a learning / reflection journal.

sarah dain
11:14am 2 April 2015

This reminded me of when I was  a Secondary School Teacher and we had  to submit lesson plans. The categories used in the 4T's model is similar to ones I would have used in my planning- but this would have been written down the page, obviously not like the swimming pool lanes. It very clearly demonstrated the key elements that need to be considered if you have very definite aims and objectives, that need to be reached within an allotted time scale. It may not be so useful in a more organic and dynamic informal learning environment. It is very much an example of teacher led learning.

Robert Avery
1:16pm 7 April 2015

I agree Sarah. It very much reflects my initial training around lesson planning, which I stopped doing in that way many years ago as I found it didn't fit my teaching style or the needs of my learners. 

Louise Doyle
7:50pm 31 March 2016

I also identified easily with this design representation as it is very similar to the lesson plan format I currently use, particularly when I'm designing sessions which other trainers need to be able to pick up and use with ease. I sometimes find it to be too granular, giving little room for flexibility (which may be a reflection of the way I use it rather than the representation itself).

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