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Yishay Mor
7 December 2012

Please use the "contribute" section below to discuss the Learning Design Grid resource "Healthy Eating" in the Design Principles Database

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Tom Cheek
1:24pm 30 March 2015

Lots of opportunity to collaborate and share ideas and values.  Offers the development of rsearch to identify learning artefacts.  Will offer a broad learning experience but will require good facilitation/mediation to ensure a direction in learning with a summary of collated thoughts.  Currently, the subject of 'healthy eating' is debated constantly with various opinions on what is healthy and unhealthy.  This model allows for a good review of this full spectrum of thoughts.

Mandy Honeyman
4:38pm 31 March 2015

Again, Tom, I agree. It is interesting how slanted the DPD is towards the sciences and science education (at least this is how it appears to me).  When I browse and click on specific features these appear to almost all belong to the sciences. The meta and pragmatic principles are more accessible to a non-scientist I think.


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