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The e-Design Template: a pedagogic guide for e-learning designers

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Helen Walmsley-Smith
11 December 2012

The e-Design Template is a Word-based pedagogic template that guides teachers when planning e-Learning. It highlights the core principles for effective e-Learning and invites users to focus on designing learning activities that embed these principles. The template suggests activities for a range of delivery patterns, including distance and blended learning. It can be used to design curriculum-focused or tool-focused e-Learning. It has been used successfully to design small courses, whole awards and to review existing e-Learning designs. In this chapter, the e-Design Template is described with detailed examples. The value of this approach for sharing and re-use within a broader, online community of practice is also discussed.

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The e-Design Template

The e-Design Template

added by Helen Walmsley-Smith


Geeta Hardath
1:27pm 3 January 2013

This is good. I will try to use it. 

Davinia HL
9:28am 9 May 2013

I see this chapter as an excellent contribution to the book. It is "down to earth", builds on teacher community's expectations, is methodologically sound, and provide results which can be of interest and used directly by third parties.

The chapter describes pedagogically-sound Word templates for guiding teachers and tutors when planning and revising eLearning activities. It also explains the research and rationale behind the templates, with a especial emphasis in what it is actually feasible in an institution without a strong eLearning service supporting teachers in the design and implementation of eLearning activities. The chapter is well-written, nice to read. The methodology and templates could be very useful for other educational institutions and educational researchers.
I would only like to recommend the following aspects that I believe could increase the quality of the chapter:
- relate the chapter with other chapters in the book (especially those in the same section) and the book as a whole
- compare the contribution of the chapter with related work on templates/patterns for eLearning design

- reference where readers will be able to consult the complete results of the survey only summarised in the chapter (if it is available)

Helen Walmsley-Smith
3:28pm 14 June 2013 (Edited 3:35pm 14 June 2013)

Thanks for the comments :) I've added comments that link the template with the other tools in the book. Unfortunately, the survey results are not available.

I've updated the chapter and the final version is now above.

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