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OLDS MOOC Launch event live feed

7 January 2013

presentation of OLDS MOOC launch event

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14 December 2012

On 7th January 2013 at 4:00 pm GMT we posted up the live broadcast feed here of the OLDS MOOC launch event for you to watch, however due to some unexpected technical issues it wasn't possible for users to access this page for a while during the event, or comment and ask questions if they had registered on Cloudworks.

Create your Cloudworks account via

The stadium recording of the event is available below. 

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We've had some technical issues. Unfortunatly, the video on youtube did not capture the audio. Luckily, we have a backup recording on stadium, we'll post that here once its available.

In the meanwhile, you can try to decipher the prezi:

Yishay Mor
17:51 on 7 January 2013

Embedded Content

JLB Stadium recording of the Live Launch Event

JLB Stadium recording of the Live Launch Event

added by OLDS MOOC

Yishay's Prezi

Yishay's Prezi

added by Rebecca Galley


Joshua Underwood
2:49pm 7 January 2013 (Edited 2:50pm 7 January 2013)


Diana Laurilllard
3:00pm 7 January 2013

checking via my laptop

Simon Kear
3:04pm 7 January 2013

Looking forward to this live event and the course!

Benjamin Stewart
3:19pm 7 January 2013

I too am looking forward to this event.

Mandy Honeyman
3:22pm 7 January 2013

I'm just checking in too.

Roger Merritt
3:26pm 7 January 2013

Just wanted to see who got here early!


Helen Guerin
3:34pm 7 January 2013

Looking forward to the launch!

Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli
3:40pm 7 January 2013

Hi all 

Cecilia Bernal
3:44pm 7 January 2013

Ready to find out more about this great MOOC!

George Roberts
3:44pm 7 January 2013

Hi Yish and OLDS MOOC team. Good luck... break a leg. My home broadband has crashed ("loop fault on the line" they say...?) So challenging my 3G dongle to the max

Darren Gash
3:45pm 7 January 2013

ready and waiting for the big kick off!

@Roger, not as early as you ;-)

Brian Robertson
3:47pm 7 January 2013

Hi folks

looking forward to learning.

Gráinne Conole
3:52pm 7 January 2013

Hi guys are you starting soon? Remind me what the hashtag is?

Benjamin Stewart
3:58pm 7 January 2013

Is there a twitter hashtag for this MOOC?

Anita Monty
4:00pm 7 January 2013

Hi Simon, nice to meet you here. This is my first MOOC. Exciting :-)

Simon Kear
4:29pm 7 January 2013

I had a bit of a Cloudworks wobble at my end but it seems stable now. I'm listening to Yishay on the live stream at It's a really good talk. Perhaps the recording will appear here later?

Donatella Persico
4:30pm 7 January 2013

I'm glad I made it! Initially I had a few problems but...Now I am here!

Austin Tate
4:40pm 7 January 2013

Unfortunately I had data base errors trying to get in via Cloudworks and joined very late so lost much of the context.

Austin Tate
4:42pm 7 January 2013

Unfortunately I had data base errors trying to get in via Cloudworks and joined very late so lost much of the context.

Cristina Neto
4:43pm 7 January 2013

no access to video broadcasting, nowhere. Not here, not Youtube, not JLB Stadium, ... :((


Simon Kear
4:52pm 7 January 2013

thanks Yishay

Tom Reeves
4:52pm 7 January 2013

Where can I download the coffee and biscuits? - Tom


Morag Giblin
4:57pm 7 January 2013

Have had no luck accessing the presentation unfortunately.  Tried all angles.  Will just have to make do with the recording.  Sorry.

Fitri Suraya Mohamad
5:18pm 7 January 2013

Unfortunately i couldn't access the event from Malaysia - kept getting database error message on Cloudworks, and timed out when trying to connect via Quicktime. Heading back to bed (it's 1:32am here). Sorry!

Peter Miller
5:45pm 7 January 2013

Caught the end of the Prezi on the URL quoted on #oldsmooc hashtag. Seemed OK. Like the idea of a project-based MOOC and seeing how Learning Design will inform my project.

Jon Clarke
3:05pm 8 January 2013

Unfortunately, the technology is looking like a significant and rather off-putting barrier so far...

The launch broadcast has no audio; when I try to view the Prezi linked to above, all I see is a blank webpage (eventually I guessed it's because cloudworks has automatically and incorrectly appended "" to the URL); registering for cloudworks doesn't allow me to use my email address as a username so I'm forced to invent something that I'll promptly forget; and how does this discussion forum relate to the Googles Group? Is this purely as a way to transmit the (failed) launch video? Or is this where discussion about the MOOC is generally to take place.

Sorry to be negative, but I'm rather concerned that my expectations for an OU-led course might not be met! Hopefully meet you all on the 10th when things formally kick-off?

Will Woods
3:35pm 8 January 2013

Hi Jon,

There were a number of issues that arose, some technical and some human which contributed to a less than perfect experience. I've been assured that at least some of these have already been addressed. For me though this is about exploring what can be done at low cost with existing technologies and there are bound to be a number of issues with experimenting. It is important though that we learn and improve so that from the 10th things are running much more smoothly. 

Marie Arndt
2:11pm 9 January 2013

Good to be back on Cloudworks. I was active while I was doing my MAODE, but the work got in the way. I hope this project will help me to launch into learning design seriously. 

Elizabeth Guerin
1:30pm 10 January 2013

Thanks for your Prezi Yishay - I'm looking forward to collaborating within this group :-)


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