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OLDS MOOC launch: pre-event discussion

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Yishay Mor
17 December 2012

please use the contribute section in this cloud to discuss the launch before January 7th.

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Will Pollard
4:55pm 20 December 2012

Hello, there is a cloud for FutureLearn but not much on it. Just some questions really. Must fit in somewhere. I guess some info will emerge during the OLDS MOOC.

Pauline Porcaro
12:22am 21 December 2012

HI just wondering if the next live event could be at a time that Australian participants will be awake, looking forward to this, cheers Pauline

Yishay Mor
10:56am 21 December 2012

@WIll: The JISC supported OLDS MOOC is led by the Open University (in partnerships with others) as part of its commitment to researching and delivering effective open learning, but it is independent of FutureLearn. If you do have any questions regarding FutureLearn or the OU's general position on MOOCs, please share them with us and we'll pass them on to the right people.

@Pauline: Sue Bennett ( is organising an Austrailian Launch event. Ask her for details.

Will Pollard
4:53pm 31 December 2012

@Yishay thanks, my impression so far is the Futurelearn is very UK associated so far. Cloudworks seems much more open to other places. Maybe this is just the way that UK media and government have presented it. I will try to follow how it develops. Following the USA model is not the only option.

Susan Hillyard
12:12pm 7 January 2013

Looking forward to the launch this afternoon. I live in Argentina and am thankful that the launch is on at 4pm GMT. Unfortunately this is our annual long summer break so I won't be able to attend the course.itself.

I understand it will remain on-line however so will click in when I get back  home.

Susan Hillyard, Ministry of ed, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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