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Madeline Paterson's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal

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Madeline Paterson
18 December 2012

Learning Journal for my first MOOC.

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I am Madeline Paterson. At heart, a learning designer - and now a Career Coach. I made the transition from one career across into another by pursuing a parallel path for some years and now I help people to make changes in their career. I have a very busy three months ahead from Jan-March 2013, but I hope to participate in the MOOC when I can. I am really interested in what is truly different about MOOCs as far as learning design is concerned, so using a MOOC to learn more about learning design alongside others is a perfect method. Look forward to saying hello to you here!

Madeline Paterson
11:09 on 18 December 2012 (Edited 16:10 on 19 December 2012)

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Adam Warren
3:03pm 19 December 2012

Hi Madeline - I'm hoping that all of us learning designers in CITE will be taking part in this MOOC, so we can meet IRL to gripe about how much hard work it is, discuss issues and ideas etc. You know where we live...

Terry Wassall
9:26pm 19 December 2012

Hi Madeline and Adam. I'm revisiting Cloudworks after trying it out as part of the ALT 2009 conference and have not been here since. I think this might kickstart my interest again. It's changed a lot and It's taking a while to get my head round it but it looks pretty good. If there are 1000 MOOC participants I'm not sure how following everyone's journal will work. Perhaps that's not what is intended. Perhaps our organisers will collect them all in a MOOC journal Cloudscape.

Hugh Davis
2:51pm 4 January 2013

I've signed-up for this too. Don't know whether I will have enough time - but will try. Should we form a Study Group Circle?

Madeline Paterson
10:53am 5 January 2013

Would be good, but I know how busy I shall be too and it's unlikely I'll be able to participate properly other than a quick peep sometimes.

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