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Bart D'haenens
19 December 2012

I've seen people introduce themselves on the open discussion group, but following the instructions I'll do it here (first).

My name is  Bart D'haenens. I'm located in Ghent (Belgium) and work as educational support staff for ICT in an institute for higher education with campusses located in 4 city's: Aalst, Brussel, Gent and Antwerp.

My native language is Dutch so excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes I might make in writing English.

I'm mostly interested in the MOOC experience itself but very much involved in the processes of supporting the design of learning activity's by teachers and the use of technology to support those activities.

I hope to learn a lot from this mooc, but still a bit nervous about the constructivist/social aspects of the course concept.


Extra content

Week 1 reflection

This week has been tremendous. It's freezing and snowing in Belgium so my children all need more attention. Luckely that's because they really really want me to play along in the snow, and seeing it doesn't snow all that often in Belgium how can I refuse :-)

At work it has been busy (like always) but seeing the organization is changing I had some very important preparations to do.

So as you might already suspect: actively participating in this OLDS MOOC has not been possible, but... looking back, I am still here. Luckely I took a bit of a head-start the week before the mooc. I found the time to connect the RSS-feeds for the bibsonomy bookmarks and publications to my outlook client, so at odd moments I did get to read a bit about the things going on in the mooc and the resources being share. I even started to follow a coupe of people on cloudscape. Although I kind of dislike the platform itself. Apologies for the developers, I'm guessing it's probably because I just don't know how good it is yet.

Today (Friday 18th) I took the time to listen in on the recording of the live session from the 15th and while checking my e-mails, reading some clouds, listening to the recording and answering some phone calls I stumbled upon the suggestion of Helen Whitehead to start a Team Lost cloud.

She probably does't realise it yet, but she just might have gotten me hopeful about the next weeks of this mooc...

Bart D'haenens
09:56 on 18 January 2013 (Edited 09:59 on 18 January 2013)

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Bart D'haenens
1:01pm 19 December 2012

OK, I have a cloudscape and a cloud. What's next...

Rebecca Galley
2:50pm 19 December 2012

Hi Bart - Welcome to Cloudworks :-)

Helen Whitehead
9:55am 18 January 2013

And welcome to Team Lost



Bart D'haenens
9:58am 18 January 2013

Thanks Helen, how did you get my learning journal cloud in your cloudscape?

Helen Whitehead
11:34am 18 January 2013

I clicked the Add to a cloudscape button on the right hand side :)

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