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Daisy's Design Narrative

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Daisy Mwanza-Simwami
19 December 2012


Designing learning activities for mobile VLE delivery


The Open University introduced a mobile version of the Moodle VLE for supporting teaching and learning. This known as 'Mobile VLE'. Following the design, evaluation andd implemention of the system, an investigation into the effectiveness of the system in supporting teaching and learning from a pedogical view point was conducted.


A key issue to consider was the effectiveness of the design of learning activities delivered via mobile VLE. What sort of activities are students carrying out using mobile VLE? Success was measured by establishing that students were able to effectively complete their learning tasks using mobile VLE tools.


- Designing learning tasks

-Evaluating the usability and usefulness of mobile VLE tools to support learning tasks

- Analysing support for collaboration in situations whereby a learning task was carried out in group/team setting, etc.

-Giving feedback about experience of using mobile VLE tools and committing on design shortfalls and problems in use


Most students only managed to do the usual VLE type activities such as reading forum messages & downloading and posting stuff. Students said that they needed experience in using tools for learning to develop sophistication in use and support deep learning


More practice and opportunity to share experiences would have been helpful

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