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Cathy's OLDS-MOOC learning journal

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Cathy Chen
21 December 2012

I have been exploring this set-up for about an hour - preparing for the main event.
My aim is to participate in this course for professional development.   Using technology for learning and teaching is an area in which I am keenly interested. I was excited to find this course, as the offerings made available through my institution are limited. 


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I have been dipping in and out of the OldsMooc - not necessarily by plan, more by 'accident'. Although I am enjoying looking at the numerous sites that my side trips are opening up to me, I must admit to getting a little dizzy trying to manoeuvre my way around the clouds, email updates, prezis and so on. I have just read a couple of other entries saying  confusion is abounding, but I am determined to get to a light at the end of a tunnel - somewhere -  and absorb as much as I can on the journey.

I came across this interesting article by the e-learning provocateur today. Some of the points were eye-opening to me as I have not had any previous experience with MOOCS.

Cathy Chen
09:40 on 13 January 2013 (Edited 09:43 on 13 January 2013)

Round and round - where do I start? 
Ok, so I had a look at some of the other 'moocsters' clouds, dreams, blogs.The long day's journey into night started there, but several hours later - here's the list of all the 'side-trips'
So in the end, I have completed my dream bazaar template and uploaded into my cloudworks cloud.

Hope it is in the right place. 

Cathy Chen
12:52 on 14 January 2013 (Edited 04:55 on 16 January 2013)

Had a look at the mindmap relating to Learning Design. Not as easy to edit this on-line one as some of the others freebies that I have used.
Eventually added a comment in response to the edit made by Darren Gash: Interdisciplinarity. Where does such a broad concept fit into design for learning?
This made me think of the graduate capabilities we have been concentrrating on while developing our program, so my response was: Learning design may become interdisciplinary when it helps learners to develop attributes that can be used across the board: critical thinking, problem solving, collaborative team working, reflective thinking, creative thinking. 
This is something that I console myself with when I think of the number of student we have completing the program compared to the number of job opportunities in their chosen industry:(

Cathy Chen
04:55 on 16 January 2013

Spent time today following the 'converge' video and looking at proposals. I would like to try and keep to the guidelines set out, but it has been difficult to ascertain which proposals are closely aligned to my personal interests. I returned to the 'initiate site again and again. So, no more prevaricating. I feel as if I am wasting/losing time. 
I have decided that I have to be more disciplined in this quest - I have 'applied' to collaborate with another 'dreambazaar team' and indicated interest in joining a study group.
I am hopeful that next week will be easier as far as navigation etc., but not sure that it will be any less demanding on time. That's why I need to start being more disciplined - return to work looms on the horizon and there will be much less time available to spend here.

Cathy Chen
06:34 on 16 January 2013 (Edited 07:08 on 16 January 2013)

Week 2: 24/1/13
I have been doing lots of reading this week and trying to connect with a team. There are many people interested in developing support for staff to engage in professional development around on-line learning. I have connected with the team working on "Learning Design for Learning Design". They have written scenarios and have set up a Google+ Hangout space. Unfortunately time differences meant I was unable to attend, but Clare has very graciously written up what happened. There is also a plan of action organised "we thought it might be best to for us to try to work on the project activities (specifically short route activies 2 & 4) asynchronously for the remainder of this week anyway". I will try and write up my contribution and add to the cloud before the weekend.

I have made a comment here about how I have organised my work this week. Essentially, to avoid being distracted and going off into the wild blue yonder too many times, I have decided to print of some of the material and concentrate on what I feel is the crucial work to be completed - Persona & Scenario. I would like to try creating a force map too as I think it could be a useful exercise.

Cathy Chen
12:07 on 24 January 2013 (Edited 12:11 on 24 January 2013)

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Cathy Chen
12:06pm 24 January 2013 (Edited 12:10pm 24 January 2013)

still don't quite have the hang of this cloud environment - made a comment instead of adding journal content :(

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