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ARTiFactor's OLDS MOOC learning journal

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Art Oglesby
30 December 2012

My learning journal

Week Nine - Showcase

Review and comment on showcased projects

Go back and fill in previous weeks work

Week Eight - Reflect

Created My Design Narrative

Commented on others' design naratives

Week Seven - Evaluate


Week Six - Curate

Created my OER cloud for "Prepare to Launch" cloudscape

Week Five - Prototype


Week Four - Connect

Summary of Day 26 Monday 4th

Summary of Day 25 Sunday 3rd

Designed and published my PPC user generated pattern

Week Three- Ideate

Summary of Day 20 Tuesday 29th

Summary of Day 19 Monday 28th

Summary of Day 18 Sunday 27th

Printed out the 2 decks of activity cards

Went into vicarious learner mode studying VirtualLeader activities 

Read and commented on blogs posts

Summary of Day 17 Saturday 26th

Information gathering, posting links to my stream @ #dglt & @ Ning

Summary of Day 16 Friday 25th

Information gathering, posting links to my stream @ #dglt & @ Ning

Summary of Day 15 Thursday 24th

Began using BottleNose aggregation tool discover content

Week Two - Inquire

Summary of Day 14 Wednesday 23rd

Summary of Day 13 Tuesday 22nd

Created the cloud, Art's Hearth, for sharing

Attempted to join the fishbowl hangout but lacked bandwidth

Summary of Day 12 Monday 21st

Posted revised scenario on my blog

Summary of Day 11 Sunday 20th

Twitter Rubric (Literacy)

Studied Context MindMeister

Created OLDSMOOC Navigation Tool

Made cloud for OLDSMOOC Navigation Tool

Summary of Day 10 Saturday 19th

Started using NetVibes to track OLDSMOOC RSS feeeds

Discovered shared bookmarks on BibSonomy

Published a LucidChart to my course design cloud

Summary of Day 9 Friday 18th

Spent hours posting Howard Rheingold links to Wallwisher.


Summary of Day 8 Thursday 17th

Contribute to Digital Literacy Team Collaboration Space

Create cloud Art's plan for Week 2

Created cloud Desktop Computer Basics - a course design

Week One - Initiate

Summary of Day 7 Wednesday 16th

Created WallWisher for collaboration

Reflection on oldsmooc_w1 by Arthur Oglesby

Summary of Day 6 Tuesday 15th

Joined G+ OLDSMOOC community

viewed Converge hangout at  SIX am in the morning!

Summary of Day 5 Monday 14th

Created more clouds

Multi-level marketing methods to scale MOOCs

Digital Literacy Team Cloud

Summary of Day 4 Sunday 13th

Joined Digital Literacy in Higher Education multi-blog

Bookmarking links and reading about DigLit

Summary of Day 3 Saturday 12th

Summary of Day 2 Friday 11th

Browsed Tweets, links, and blog posts.

Following the Introduction video discussion

Watched the OLDS MOOC Introduction video on YouTube

Looked at and added to the Learning Design mindmeister

Created a Digital Literacy Mindmeister map

Summary of Day 1 Thursday 10th

Posted "My Dream" Cloud onto the Dreambazaar Cloud

Discuss at OLDS MOOC Open discussion Google Group

Tweet at oldsmooc_w1 twitter feed

Introduce myself - put my learning journal cloud into the "Introduce Yourself Cloud"

Launch Day

Watching the OLDSMOOC launch - 10am in Minnesota, USA

Link to the Prezi used in the launch

Link to oldsmooc video channel


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The Open Scholar

The Open Scholar

added by Art Oglesby

ALTC 2010: Applying a development framework for digital literacies

ALTC 2010: Applying a development framework for digital literacies

added by Art Oglesby