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Sue Whale
5 January 2013

I am currently working in Educational Development at UNE in NSW, Australia. I'm looking forward to developing ideas and skills through collaborative activities in this MOOC.

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Sue Whale
7:13am 17 January 2013 (Edited 8:36pm 17 January 2013)

Week 1 of OLDS MOOC has been an experience! I admit that I have spent most of this week trying to keep up, getting my head around using the multiple new systems I have had to subscribe to to complete this course, and trying (unsuccessfully) to keep up with posts from peers. I watched the intro video, found it interesting, but now I would need to review it to write an intelligent post on what I have learnt. I watched the wrap up video as well, and feel buoyed by the indication of what to expect, so I will keep going for a week or two at least. Maybe I failed week 1, but I will submit this post in the hope of receiving my first badge. I honestly think the structure of this course should have allowed more time for students to get up to speed. I consider myself to be around medium level in understanding and adapting to tech, and I guess in our profession (judging by the posts of others, we are mostly ed designers), we should be comfortable with different programs. Generally I think I am, but there are so many out there and everyone uses something different - it's getting harder and harder to keep up.

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