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John Coup's OLD (but new!) MOOCLA

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john couperthwaite
7 January 2013

This is my Learning Journal for the OLD MOOC. I shall also be blogging on my experiences as the course progresses.

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 Reflections on Week 1

In response to an excellent Cloud by Jeff Waistell,, I contributed the following:

"Coming to the end of the first week I feel that my glider is still stuck in turbulence and my compass is broken. Occassionally I hear messages on my radio giving me instructions of where to steer a safe passage (thank you Yishay!) but these are mostly drowned out by the air as it rushes around this delicate shell.

This is my first time in a MOOC glider, so initial fears of orientation and multi-tasking have proven correct. Nevertheless, all the time I am still flying is giving me more confidence and I am learning all the time. I am even convinced there are some clear skies up ahead..."

Hopefully, it doesn't sound overly negative as this has been a fascinating  experience and a real learning curve in understanding the technology, the learning design and figuring out what to do and when. I can appreciate the massive effort of the organising Team and am truly grateful for Yishay's nightly (and daily!) emails; though these are usually received with that feeling of guilt and despair that I may be falling behind, a few minutes perusing the messages and reading some more articles and I feel that I am back on track.

I am hoping a clearer structure of working with emerge out of this intense period of uncertainty and that the study groups will coalesce into productive hives, generating the ideas and resources which will fuel this MOOC onward. I say this because I believe that the dislocation of information, clouds and people has produced a confusing learning experience so far. I have refamiliarised myself with the literature and have used this course to direct some of my work energy into new pursuits (tackling the learning design for a new VLE), but I believe I could have been more productive and felt more certain about my own objectives for the course if I didn't feel so 'directed'.

Nevertheless, I shall continue as this is such a rewarding  experience to engage in a MOOC first-hand, with a Team of experts and a cohort with such enthusiasm and knowledge. I am reaching the end of my own induction week and shall tell myself what I tell my students - to work hard and enjoy yourself !

john couperthwaite
15:21 on 16 January 2013 (Edited 16:34 on 17 January 2013)

My DreamBazaar entry:

john couperthwaite
10:49 on 17 January 2013


john couperthwaite
10:52 on 17 January 2013

Week 2

This second week is about understanding learner context and how this would impact upon the design and delivery of my chosen project.

My overall aim is to develop some new learning designs for a possible new VLE for the University, Canvas.

My objectives for this forthcoming week are therefore


Assessment & Evaluation

  • Can I define some specifc learner contexts for my project ?
  • Have I created scenarios ?
  • Have I created a Force Map or EoR ?
  • Have I discussed my findings with the others ?

john couperthwaite
16:33 on 17 January 2013

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A MOOC-inspired training session for our staff...

A MOOC-inspired training session for our staff...

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