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Learning Journal for OLDS MOOC (MKH)

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Mandy Honeyman
7 January 2013

This will be my OLDS MOOC learning journal (once we get started).

Extra content

Week 1 Introduction presentation:

copy of response to google groups.


What do you take from this?
Much clearer about the structure of the course.
What do agree with? disagree with? 
I don't know yet.
How is it relevant to your project?
Totally relevant because taking this approach will allow us to understand the best (I hope) methodology for designing the learning resources we will be using.

Further comments would be that one of the videos was difficult to listen to because it was a lecture type reading (from notes) rather than a script created with a video audience in mind. However, just thinking about the difference between this one video and the others helped me to reflect on what I consider to be good practice when producing multimedia. The language needs to be conversational, academic language belongs on the page or screen where it can be absorbed in the readers own time. 

Mandy Honeyman
19:17 on 11 January 2013

Week 2

I have been trying to catch up, but there is too much so have decided just to do the design scenario and embed it below. Hopefully it will update as I update it, though somehow I doubt it. :(


Design outcomes

  • Explore and represent context in relation to your design challenge.
  • Communicate and receive feedback on your analysis of context for your design challenge.
  • Gain insights into your design challenge by applying one or more contextual learning design approaches.
  • Review & revise your understanding of learner context and it's relevance to learning design.
  • Increase your awareness of approaches to context for learning design.
  • Evaluate the relevance of contextual approaches to your own learning design practice.
  • Plan further learning about contextual approaches.
  • Learning outcomes

Mandy Honeyman
15:42 on 23 January 2013 (Edited 17:09 on 23 January 2013)

Embedded Content

Design Scenario

Design Scenario

added by Mandy Honeyman


Mandy Honeyman
5:16pm 7 January 2013

Hello, it is a long time since I last visited Cloudworks and I am hoping that I will find it more endearing than I did the first time round. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to this MOOC, will be watching the use of badges with much interest and hoping to meet my own objectives (create a PoS with activities for an online GCSE) with my colleagues by the time we are finished. 

Good luck everyone.

Moessinger Sylvia
8:56pm 7 January 2013

Hi Mandy,

I saw that you study (studied) with the OU as well. Yesterday when I started to set up my clouds it conjured a lot of memories about my H800 course when I got to know cloudworks and created my first cloud. That was two years ago and I never really came back, until now.

I am also looking forward to this MOOC and to read more about others ideas for a learning design project in the dreambazaar.


Joshua Underwood
9:34am 8 January 2013

Hi Mandy,

What's a PoS?


Mandy Honeyman
10:02am 9 January 2013

Hi Josh,

Programme of Study, a looser document which cover the learning arc of a course than a scheme of work (SoW) which goes into detail about every lesson.


Mandy Honeyman
10:02am 9 January 2013

Hi Sylvia, thanks for dropping by, I am just trying to do the EMA for H808 so perhaps I will run into you on another course. H809 next.


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