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Mandy Honeyman: Proposal - Online CS GCSE

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Mandy Honeyman
7 January 2013

Create an interactive (i.e. not lecture based) online course for computing studies iGCSE.


  • needs to address all the exam board specifications
  • teach exam technique to specific specifications during revision period
  • seek and record opinions from students throughout
  • reward milestones
  • provide constant feedback to students, parents and schools
  • more to come....


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Joshua Underwood
8:09am 9 January 2013

Like the sound of this. Would it be open/re-usable? 

I've noticed you did the same as me and named your cloud [name]: My dream: Learning design project proposal as per the instructions. I'm going to change my title to use a more informative name like some of the others are. I think that will make it easier to spot 'dreams' that looking interesting once these start accumulating.

Mandy Honeyman
9:58am 9 January 2013

Hi Josh,

Perhaps parts will be open but other parts closed, it is early days. This is because this is intended as a paid for product otherwise the tutors that will be needed to support the students won't be able to be paid. The programme of study and perhaps schemes of work would be open, but any resources specifically to do with assessment and feedback will not. (This is off the top of my head, it is early days.)

Thanks for the heads up about the naming issue.

Arosha K Bandara
9:34am 11 January 2013

Hi Mandy,

This is relates to an area that I am quite interested in also, and am hoping to include in my project idea - see  Look forward to learning more about how your project progresses.


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