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GayleVN's Learning Journal

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Gayle Nicholas
8 January 2013

G'day all,

I'm Gayle from Melbourne, Australia.  This is my first MOOC experience and one of my reasons for registering is just that - to experience a MOOC.   I can see information management and time management are going to be crucial to get the most out of this course.  At the time I write this I am feeling a little overwhelmed with so many media locations and the number of participants.

8 January 2013


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Last evening (7 Jan) I got out of bed at 3 am for the OLD MOOCS Launch.  I managed to log in to the launch but was rather disappointed at how difficult it was to read the screed (PPT?).  Even on full volume the sound was low.  My interest picked up when the presenter started a review of literature and my reading list seemed to grow by the second.  Then the sound cut out!  Was it me or the broadcast?  It was so early in the morning I went back to bed intending to view the recording.  How disappointing it was today to go to the YouTube video to hear jibberish.  I really hope things move well from here as there is so much interesting material to get into!

Gayle Nicholas
11:16 on 8 January 2013

What do I want to achieve in Week 1?

Given my experience of the MOOC so far I think the following outcomes would be achievable:

  • To be confident at moving around the MOOC site and Cloudworks
  • To interact with at least 5 other participants in the MOOC environment (following, discussion posts, learning journals etc)
  • To read at least one article of publication on learning design, and
  • hopefully be underway with a study group or learning design project.

Gayle Nicholas
10:07 on 15 January 2013 (Edited 10:52 on 15 January 2013)

What do I want to achieve in Week 2?

An important goal for this week is to draw up a plan on how I am going to interact with this MOOC to achieve learning objectives, given the limited amount of time I have.  Participating in all aspects of the MOOC and following the day by day schedule is just not achievable, nor is it enjoyable. The question then becomes whether I can limit my participation and still have a positive outcome - I believe I can.

Gayle Nicholas
03:25 on 23 January 2013

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Meg Colasante
4:22am 9 January 2013

Hi Gayle, you were very organised tuning in at 3am for the launch! Also of Melb :-) I wasn't so organised, but did attempt to watch the recording with similar results. I noted on a disussion post/s with Pauline that an Australian launch was being considered... Watch for related postings, perhaps? Meg

Gayle Nicholas
10:07am 9 January 2013

Hi Meg,  I tried to get into the launch again this evening after receiving the oldsmooc email, but still no luck.  An Australian launch would be great! I will keep a look out.  Is Pauline here?  I will keep a lookout for her.  I noticed you can search on institution though I do want to connect with others as well.  Have fun! Gayle

Stephen Bright
9:56pm 9 January 2013

Hi Gayle, I viewed the recording today and it seems to be working .... apologies seem to be flowing today for the technical 'glitches'... not a good look for a major distance education institution like OU. Any further word on a launch 'down under' ?

Peter Bryant
5:50pm 10 January 2013

if there is an Aussie launch or the formation of an Aussie crew let me know as I am happy to help out in whatever I can.  I am facilitating Week 1.  Despite my posh institution, I am an Aussie from Sydney originally (three years ago)

Gayle Nicholas
10:42am 13 January 2013

Hi Stephen and Peter,

I understand the comment re an Aussie launch to have been on the discussions lists - I know no more than this but I will certainly pass it on if I hear anything.

Thanks Stephen, I have now accessed the launch.

Meg Colasante
1:53am 14 January 2013

Hi Gayle,

I was thinking further about our starting an RMIT-based STUDY CIRCLE, and trying to work out best way to contact the list of ppl (about a dozen) listed as RMIT University for instition, via the Cloudworks (altho might refer to list and email thru rmit google...?)

I was also wondering if you, +/- others at rmit, might be interested in doing a LEARNING DESIGN PROJECT together? Either working with an idea afresh, or using an existing design to reflect on and apply the learning to...?

Meg :-)

Gayle Nicholas
10:50am 15 January 2013

Hi Meg,

Thank you! I am so looking forward to working with you...and Laurine.  I have posted a reply to your Learning Journal.


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