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Clare's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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Clare Gormley
8 January 2013

Welcome to my learning journal for the OLDS MOOC.

This is where I plan to post my reflections on my learning journey throughout the MOOC. 

Week 1 Reflection: Cloudy with Bright Spells

Week 2 Reflection: Clouds, Carrots, and my new friend Joan

Week 3 Reflection: I can C clearly now...

Week 4 Reflection: Taking stock

Week 6 Reflection: O OERs, where art thou?

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john couperthwaite
5:12pm 14 January 2013

Hi Clare, these seem like very reasonable (and achieveable) aspirations.

I am seeking to identify some useful learning designs for a new institutional VLE, which could be one never used outside of the US before. Hence, it will be a very steep learning curve for all and will require an extended community of practice to create content and engage the students. I was therefore very interested in your comments about the toolkit and requirement to upskill developers. We are facing a lockdown of development tools here for academic staff, so I would be keen to identify how I can fully engage them in their training on the VLE and ongoing eLearning journey is critical. We have also invested heavily in Articulate, though other formats of event capture (Echo360/Panopto) are becoming more popular.

Clare Gormley
9:12pm 14 January 2013

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Your work on a new VLE sounds interesting and the constraints you have to deal with on development tools sound very familiar. There were two main reasons for designing the NUIG toolkit in the way that we did: we wanted to (a) to provide online introductory training on Instructional Design and introduce new developers to some key principles and good practices for eLearning design and (b) ensure that a selection of  user-friendly, free, potential development tools was available in a centralised (easily accessible) location (as Articulate alone would not fufill all needs). As you say, Articulate costs and in my experience, the voiceover aspect in particular can be very time-consuming to develop. 

So far general feedback on the toolkit has been positive but I'm working on a research project over the next 6 months that will tell more about whether or not it's actually been helpful in teaching Instructional Design competencies. As I said elsewhere, I believe we still need to provide "something" else to facilitate the design process (this is in addition to the toolkit) and if I ever figure Cloudworks out, you are very welcome to keep an eye on whatever that turns out to be. Best of luck with your own learning journey.




It's very interesting to hear how Articulate has been working out for you (particularly from the perspective of those doing the development work). 

john couperthwaite
9:40am 15 January 2013

Hi Clare, I wonder whether this ( might be of interest to you. We went through a similar process of creating toolkits for staff a couple of years ago, then a few amongst us designed some short group training sessions. These sessions brought together programme teams or individuals and encouraged them to work through designs, based on their teaching, to create new blended learning for their students.

Clare Gormley
8:51pm 15 January 2013

Hi John,

Thanks so much for posting that link - I will definitely be sharing it with my NUIG colleagues. We're at the planning stage for a new two-day design & development workshop for our next group of course developers and the approach outlined here will be of great interest & potential value. Hearing about a "real-life" example that seems to have worked extremely well will give us plenty of food for thought.

Thanks again!


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