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OLDMOOC Learning Journal Alan Clarke

Reflections on my OLD MOOC experiences

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Alan Clarke
8 January 2013

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Alan Clarke
18:17 on 9 January 2013 (Edited 21:51 on 9 January 2013)

I have a variety of motives for participating in the MOOC such as curiosity about the approach, a need to design a workshop and an interest in learning about design. My background is adult education and training in particular working with socially disadvantaged learners who are returning to education often after a long interval. I have been trying to employ e-learning approaches to overcome some of the barriers the learners encounter. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Alan Clarke
21:53 on 9 January 2013

This is the first day of the course and it has gone OK in that it seem a reasonable set of activities. However, I have been distracted by the adding content to Cloudworks. The system does not seem to work on occasions and I have had to repeat actions to get the system to accept content.



Alan Clarke
22:49 on 10 January 2013 (Edited 22:51 on 10 January 2013)

Day 2 and I think I have solved my Cloudworks problems - they seem related to using IE9. I have switched to Google Chrome and it looks fine. I do think this is a leason for MOOC organisers to make sure they can give participants clear advice about known problems with suggested technology. 


Alan Clarke
16:09 on 11 January 2013


I am still participating with the OLD MOOC but I am not sure who else is active. Cloudworks technical problems are resolved but I find the environment cumbersome to work in. I am keen to progress the project and I have developed a scenario and force diagram which have helped me to focus on the design in more detail


Day 17 (I think) 28/1/13

I am enjoying the steady build up of each new aspect even though my time is being squeezed by marking and other responsibilities. It is helping me to think through the different issues and see how they assist the design of a course or programme. In terms of the design of this MOOC it occurs to me that it does help virtual project teams come together as much as it could. Cloudworks is OK as a platform but it is not always easy to find your way around.


Alan Clarke
21:59 on 17 January 2013 (Edited 16:41 on 28 January 2013)

10th February 2013

This week has not been very useful to me because I have considerable experience of prototyping. The content is thus not new to me and although I agree with the material that has been presented it is not new. It should be useful to learners new to the area. My ideas for creating a course for adult educators do not require creating new applications or materials at the moment so I don't have a practical reason for having a go.



Alan Clarke
21:28 on 10 February 2013

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Sue Watling
7:14am 18 January 2013

Hi Alan, 

Were you a tutor on the OU Open and Distance Learning Masters a couple of years ago?  If so, I was one of your students :-) My profile cloud is here I've set up a Google Group to look at supporting staff in a DIY approach to multimedia for teaching and learning!forum/olds-mooc-diy-multimedia,

Like you my back ground is Adult and Community Education, in particualar for people digitally disadvantaged and I take every opportunity to talk to staff and students about digital divides and digital inequalities in my current role.  The MOOC's technology  of choice is quite challenging isn't it but it's an interesting learning curve! 


Alan Clarke
10:10am 18 January 2013

Hi Sue

Good to hear from you

Your group sounds very interesting and I will try to follow your progress. One of my motives for signing up for this MOOC was to gain some insight into the process and it certainly is working. I am reflecting on the experience as I go along and not sure at the moment what I feel. It rather resembles attending one of the enormous conferences with a dozen different parallel streams and not being sure where to start.

Best Wishes


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