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Gaspar Amaral - OLDS MOOC 2013 - Week 0 - Real Time Massive Open Online ... Conference

Real Time MOOC Conference

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Gaspar Do Amaral
9 January 2013

Hello, OLDSMOOC 2013

The intent of OLDSMOOC to the spread massively in real time is optimal because massive open conferences are technically more difficult.

The OLDSMOOC streaming on the Internet was limited to100 people, which indicates, that if the broadcast is to 500Kb, the bandwidth of the access was available to 50 Mbps.

To overcome this technical issue of bandwidth we have available two ways: either through the CDN (like Amazon, Livestream, etc) or by contracting with an ISP to optimize bandwidth.

Until now 
Gaspar Amaral

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Ida Brandão
8:38am 9 January 2013

Only yesterday evening I was able to locate the link for the recording that is working


Gaspar Do Amaral
9:02pm 9 January 2013 (Edited 9:09pm 9 January 2013)


Thanks, Ida

The dynamic link to the opening video, solves the problem of those who cannot be in real time to interact with the conference.

Until now

 Gaspar Amaral


Gaspar Do Amaral
9:02pm 9 January 2013 (Edited 9:08pm 9 January 2013)


The subject has an onboard technical and pedagogical arising from synchronism required for the conference for more than 100 people.

Until now


Gaspar Amaral


Will Pollard
4:54pm 10 January 2013

I think the YouTube version from Google loaded quite quick but alas the sound vanished.

Still in theory this could help the scale.

Gaspar Do Amaral
2:05pm 15 January 2013


1. The YouTube version (hangout) is already a very good solution.

2. The scalability of access to massive conferences is directly related to the bandwidth.

Thanks for the comment, until now

Gaspar Amaral

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