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Meg Colasante
9 January 2013

This is my "Cloud in that Cloudscape to act as your OLDS-MOOC learning journal ... Post a first entry there, introducing yourself, and add that cloud to this [the OLDS MOOC wk 1] cloudscape."

Extra content

Introducing me:

I'm one of several ppl scattered across RMIT UNIVERSITY who have signed up for this MOOC, most of who have ED TECH and/or LEARNING DESIGN related roles. RMIT is in the magnificent MELBOURNE, Australia.  We in Australia are unfortunately having a pretty nasty bushfire season, and are seriously hoping not to experience another 'Black Saturday' event.

I am an EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPER, in the College of Science, Engineering and Health - the most cool and interesting collection of faculty in the Uni :-). We have students across the 3 tertiary sectors of undergraduate, postgraduate, and TAFE (aka: vocational/college/polytechnic). My main role is learning design, evolved from instructional design, and supporting (and generating) learning options using educational technology and all that goes with that such as workshops, seminars, etc, etc.

This is MY FIRST MOOC, but I have studied online before and had positive experiences and outcomes. I have also taught online in disant and hybrid / blended models (and I'm currently in a 'missing my students' phase, so it must be time to think about a little bit of teaching again...)

Location Tags?

Travel to present at ed tech conferences, etc, has led me to meet some amazing ppl in various locations doing great things in ed tech and learning design, and I propose (or I might even 'do' as I see I can...) add tags of location. For eg, as a start, a 'Melbourne' tag so I can easily find my local connections, but then I want to reach out to a wide global representation of ppl (I learn more that way... provides another slice of 'context'...). I'll start - then see if it takes off...

Happy to be here with you all! Meg :-)

Meg Colasante
01:22 on 10 January 2013 (Edited 01:31 on 10 January 2013)

Personal learning objectives for week 1:

OK, this is simply: 
Engage with the MOOC activities as much as possible,
recognising that:
 - it will be easy to be distracted by other required work and life activities, and
 - if I loose momentum I will be at risk of 'tailing off' and dissapearing from the MOOC (which would be an opportunity lost...)

then I go and add one more to complicate it:
Scan over James Dalziel's ref I noticed in the BibSonomy

There: 2 objectives only; can't be that hard to keep to them....

Meg Colasante
01:52 on 10 January 2013

Brewing learning design project

Just a formative idea at present - likely to evolve "with a little help from my friends".

Your situation (context)

Material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate:

Our team members are so far all from the College of Science, Engineering and Health, in a university in Melbourne. Therefore, the project could be focused within the context of the disciplines, or select one discipline within the college. Examples could include: engineering, such as undergraduate 1st year 'Communication Engineering'; health sciences, such as vocational diploma such as myotherapy; etc.

Our college learning programs often have a heavily on-campus component due to hands-on professional/vocational requirements, with many physical resources to support this, such as specifically resourced laboratories. However, our university is putting focus on moving away from traditional lectures that still form a significant part of the learning experience. Resources to support this shift include some new built facilities, with new generation learning spaces and lecture rooms that allow for chairs to be rotated to row behind, that allow for more interactive group work and discussions. Additionally, models of online or blended learning are being promoted, This might include online learning for underpinning knowledge areas, or may even offer some practice at practical application via online simulations, or iLabs (experiments that can be operated remotely over the net, requiring booking a lab time not already taken by other students but with a wide time frame (often 24/7). The LMS we use in Blackboard, and to streamline things for students it is expected that all online learning be have a focal or access point from Bb, even if the students are actually directed beyond Bb. We are new to providing the Google suit of goodies officially to staff (altho a few things are not enabled), and there is some experiemntal work occuring of using Google Sites for content and inter-activities (linked from Bb...). We have web-conferencing (was Elluminate, now Bb Collaborate), plus a number of other tools such as lecture or desktop capture (Echo360), a media annotation tool (MAT), existing content resources (Flexible Learning Toolboxes; Equella learning depository;; Kanopy; etc.), and (one) fabulous graphic designer/web developer for L&T in the college.

The change you would like to see (challenge)



What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed?

I would like to delve into the design options for delivering content (in either an online or blended model) to a large cohort, where the learning outcomes for the subjet are the same for all learning, but the sub-discipline is varied across the cohort; they will go on into different professional/vocational streams in their learning programs and eventual employment.

What range of options could see that all students in the class can personalise their learning to be relevant for their stream, even tho they are in a class of 'common' content learning? What options of LD (learning design) can be considered to ensure they each end up with relevant, meaningful and employment-ready learning for their discipline? 

How you might go about bringing that change



What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?

Aha! See, this is the crux of my challenge. I can easily provide one neat anser to this, but I want to explore what options in LD are avialable for consideration, not just one answer. I want to get in there and muck around in the mess to see what can emerge!

I hope my study buddies are motivated by this idea, or help me to evolve it to a more meaningful project to help meet the learning needs of each of the members of our study team  :-)


Meg Colasante
22:54 on 16 January 2013 (Edited 23:05 on 16 January 2013)

Embedded Content


Meg Colasante
11:54pm 9 January 2013 (Edited 1:31am 10 January 2013)

Introducing me:

Oops - I put my intro here - now shifted up into content.... (avert eyes up ^...)

Gayle Nicholas
8:23am 14 January 2013

Hi Meg,

Yes please to your study circle and your Learning Design Project.  Thank you for taking leadership with this! :-)

I did see a search window that was "search by institution".  Now I just have to find it again.


Gayle Nicholas
8:27am 14 January 2013

Back again!   The search by institution was actually under "Tags" i.e. you can search Tags for 'RMIT'.  None there at present.


Meg Colasante
9:57pm 14 January 2013

Hi Gayle - excellent! So pleased you are happy to collaborate.

Yes, tags is one way to search if named usefully and then if ppl use consistently (not always the case in free-thinking spaces). I note there is 1 tag for 'RMIT' and (I don't know how but) 2 separate ones for 'RMIT University' (perhaps 1 has an extra space...?).

To search by institution (which I forgot and had to just journey around a bit until I found it again..!): go to your profile (drop down menu under your name which shows if logged in & choose profile); where you have entered your own instituion, RMIT Uni will present as a hyperlink - click on it and you will see a list of 14 RMIT names (not all yet active). The direct link is - which I suppose you need to be logged in for...?

Meg :-)

Gayle Nicholas
10:12am 15 January 2013

Hi Meg,

Thank you for this advice...most useful.

How would you like to move forward from here?   So much to look forward to...


Meg Colasante
11:07pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 11:16pm 16 January 2013)

Hi Gayle,

I toyed around with a project idea above, now I'll copy it over to the palce it's supposed to be... (it seems I'm not so good at pidgeon-holing - i'd prefer to put things where I know I can find them, but I'll try to behave myself for the collaborative efforts of the whole MOOC group, etc...)


PS: I have posted the idea to the 'Dreambazaar; I'll let Laurine know also....

Gayle Nicholas
9:22am 21 January 2013

Hi Meg,

The Australian Study Group is at  It is facilitated by Tony Gleeson.  I am not sure how to copy Laurine in on this message.  I have 'followed' the group.



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