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elisabetta Lando
9 January 2013

Background in Further Education (post 16 sector) as an English  language teacher. Currently working in an advisory position supporting F.E Education and other post-16 education providers on the development of operational strategies in response to policy drivers with particular emphasis on ILT and e-learning.

Interested in developing my learning design skills because of my own personal interest but also to inform me in my capactiy as advisor.  My owbn personal interest is to look at the more visual aspects of design as well.

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OLDS Mooch
Enrolling on a mooc on learning design is my latest venture as an e-learning advisor and I wanted to find out what all the fuss about Moocs are. I think ,from what I understand so far,  this Mooc is about learning about learning design but it also means learning by design..  This shift in learning emphasis means that teaching practitioners or institutions are no longer in the position of  being  ‘distributors’ of high knowledge  but instead become 'designers' of learning experiences  

I suppose it articulates what I felt about ten years ago when I started working in teaching environments where I had more access to technology that went beyond the old tape deck in a private language school. What really cheered  me up was something to do with the idea of creating and designing an experience -  I saw it as a ‘production’ possibly satisfying my own selfish need to be creative.

So I think Learning design ( LD ) is this craft of production and in order to tie it down from what I understand it is being defined as a combination of knowledge, teaching methodology and  confidence in the use of technology . At the same time it has to be open to constant change and innovation.

Funnily enough I went to see an excellent  production of Master and Margarita at the Barbican last Saturday. By no means do I have any understanding or background in drama but I could not help watching this play within my own context- the technology used,such as cameras, projectors and so forth, the audience ,that at one point were turned into protagonists with their image taking centre place on stage and basically the overall innovative feel  of the play made me think there were so many parallels to this notion of learning experience and production- its happening everywhere!

elisabetta Lando
13:46 on 11 January 2013 (Edited 09:32 on 12 January 2013)

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