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Peter Miller: OLDSMOOC Learning Journal

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Peter Miller
9 January 2013

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I teach biology in Liverpool, UK. First got interested in Learning Design when the IMS came onto the scene, hoping that we would see creativity and effectiveness flourish in equal measure. Didn't really happen, did it? Was involved as a teacher in the early JISC-sponsored LAMS evaluations and then faded from the scene. Latterly interested in the educational potential of virtual worlds and the open source variant OpenSim in particular. How does Learning Design apply there? Maybe this MOOC will help us find out. There's a project already seeing the light of day on the Kitely grid. If anyone wants to contribute or kick the proverbial tyres, let me know. I can't promise to devote time to other OpenSim projects but I'm happy to comment on ideas (and already have done in a couple of cases).

Peter Miller
22:09 on 9 January 2013

Reflecting on Week 1

I didn't qualify for a badge in Week 1 as I didn't really pay enough attention to group activities and exploring the true meaning of LD. I did skim the Larnaca Declaration and listen to the introductory podcast but suspect I missed quite a few of the nuances. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my progress as I have plenty of ideas for the project, albeit that having sufficient time to implement them is entirely another matter. I guess that falls under the heading of Context, which is the subject for Week 2.

Peter Miller
11:59 on 16 January 2013

Outcomes for Week 2

I've had a quick look through next week though it is not practicable to schedule activities. I intend mapping Context and EoR; not so sure about Force Fields and Personas but they all feel part of the same network anyway. Hopefully this analysis will help me decide which ideas to take forward.

Peter Miller
12:02 on 16 January 2013

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Sharon Collingwood
4:58pm 10 January 2013


HI Peter, I'm still working out how to use this program, but I hope we can work together on something.

Ellie Brewster / Sharon Collingwood

Peter Miller
10:11pm 10 January 2013

Heh, well done, Ellie! Half the time i can't find myself :) I am now following you but whether that's helpful remains to be seen.

I'm sure we can do something but it might not be biologically-based, more communications/collaboration/virtual worlds-oriented, for the simple reason that I have to deliver on this PDQ (so I can't ski off-piste as it were)  and not all the students are biologists. On  the other hand if you can use the same tools in an entirely different domain, I reckon we're still collaborating. After all, what I want is something that is simple and useful.

If you find another group more germane to your interest, don't feel constrained by me. This is a bazaar after all, you should haggle and get the best deal you can!

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