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Introducing Teresa - Learning Journal

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Teresa Murphy
9 January 2013

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Hi there, my name is Teresa Murphy and this is my first MOOC. I'm very excited to be working on such a large project and be given the opportunity to learn about Learning design curriculum. The program I'm currently working in is vocabulary based and is very specific in its guidelines. It's mostly text based, with a lot of teacher developed resources on the college share point. I would like my project to be to design a blended learning curriculum for this course, using various different apps and programs. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to put into practice this year, but it will be an exciting challenge to see how I can organise the current and new materials into this type of curriculum.


I'm also pleased to be able to come in contact with other like-minded professionals, and to form and/or join a professional network. I believe we are at the cutting edge of curriculum design and I hope to make the most of every minute.

Teresa Murphy
16:59 on 12 January 2013

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Teresa Murphy
10:30am 12 January 2013

I completed the Dreambazaar and expected to see it here as a cloud but cant. is anyone else experiencing these problems?

Teresa Murphy
10:41am 13 January 2013

I've just tried to change my profile picture and uploaded a different one a few times but it hasn't appeared, could you advise please?

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