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Graham Storey OLDS MOOC Learning Journey

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Graham Storey
9 January 2013

Welcome to Graham Storey's OLDS MOOC Learning Journey

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Graham Storey
11:10pm 17 January 2013 (Edited 12:28am 18 January 2013)

My entry to oldsmooc could have been better. I started early with good intentions of keeping abreast but I was met with a series of dead ends and stumbling blocks as first the the ‘Launch’ failed to get me off the ground by refusing me access and then the recording failed to play until a couple of days later.  A few days later I returned having watched the Prezi and the recorded introduction, to begin to record my journey (ok blog) only to find that after three paragraphs in the Cloudworks editor the page had frozen and the text was lost. Would not post or allow selection

I’m a learning technologist with over thirty years computing experience in education, confident and competent enough to recognise situations when ‘the technology’ lets me down. However, I paused to contemplate how many oldsmooc casualties there may have been among the less confident users who happened by an entry similar to mine. Those unsure of why the desired response is not forthcoming and guessing at reasons like,  “mmm . . . maybe I’ve mistyped something”, “OMG . . . another computer glitch”, “darn . . . the network failed” or “perhaps I have a virus, best do another scan”.

So the first thought that strikes me is, can we trust the online world with Mooc based Education? Most remote users need ICT related support from time to time that is hard to deliver wholly online.


Tony Gleeson
1:57am 18 January 2013

Hi Graham,


I can't help but think that a dedicated LMS might have had less of a rediculous learning curve.

I would NEVER impose this kind of 'bag of systems' approach on anyone. Just too hard

Graham Storey
4:46pm 18 January 2013

Hi Tony

Nice to know some folk are 'listening'. Yes the number of places to visit can be confusing at first though some might prefer a richer mix. Can't please everyone on an OPEN course but important that each of the resources behaves so folk are not put off. 

By coincidence I see you have shown an interest in a group I've listed so we may well be talking again soon, IF I can catch up.

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