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George: My dream: Redesign & run First Steps into Learning and Teaching MOOC

8 May 2013

Redesign FSLT13 for accreditation, and run the course successfully in May-June this year

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George Roberts
9 January 2013

I have written this using the "OPEN" framework: Outcomes, Present stiuation, Exploration of alternatives, Next steps


  • Achieve accreditation for one (or more?) (open?) online courses on topics about teaching in higher education, within the framework of the Brookes (OCSLD) New Lecturers Programme
  • Exceed 200 participants satisfied, engaged, active and enjoying the open  online course, "First steps into learning and teaching in higher education"
  • Achieve 25 (fee-paying) enrolments for assessment and CATS credit (pending, see above) on the open online course
  • Complete revision of the design for "First Steps into Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (fslt) 2013" (massive) open online course.
  • Develop other courses within the framework?

Present Situation

  • National and institutional developments in open online courses...
  • Successful pilot of fslt last year (
  • Successful programme of closed, non-accredited on-line courses
  • Respected, successful HEA accredited PG Cert

Explore (Alternatives)

  • MOOC with accreditation
  • Non-accredited MOOC
  • Accredited closed course?
  • Non-accredited (cpd) closed course
  • Do nothing? (Not an option?)
  • What else?

Next steps

  • Form study circle in OLDS MOOC in parallel with programme development group (PDG)
  • Set up Google doc for collaborative working
  • Set deadlines

Extra content

Embedded Content

First steps 2012

First steps 2012

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Chris Basson
5:05am 11 January 2013

Hi  George

Can you be more speciffic about the field of study that you propose for the new MOOC?


Chris Basson

George Roberts
10:43am 11 January 2013

Hi Chris

"First steps into learning and teaching in higher education"

I'll edit the blurb to make that clearer.

Not a new MOOC. It will be the second iteration. It ran last year in May-June:

And will run again in May-June this year: The design challenge is achieving accreditation within a University QA framework.

Neil Currant
1:26pm 11 January 2013

I've made some comments to the Google doc.

George Roberts
1:44pm 11 January 2013

The Google Doc should be pubicly visible here:


Marion Waite
10:37am 13 January 2013

Hi George

I have added a comment to the google doc.


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