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OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal - Tabitha

A learning journal to capture my experience of the OLDS MOOC 2013

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Tabitha Roder
9 January 2013

This is Tabitha's OLDS-MOOC Learning Journal

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Tabitha works in elearning academic development, supporting teachers to creatively use VLEs to engage students in learning using a social constructivist model. She helps teachers to familiarise, choose and effectively use ICT tools to provide a learning centred approach with their students, developing digital literacy whilst creating a sense of connectedness. Additionally, Tabitha works as an Education Design Consultant for HRDNZ, a Moodle Partner and contributes to the MoodleMoot conferences internationally.

Winner of the NZ Open Source Contributor Award 2010, Tabitha contributes to one laptop per child (olpc) and SugarLabs, volunteering at Pacific deployments and coordinating the efforts of the volunteer testing community in New Zealand since mid 2008. Her involvement stems from her interest in creating opportunities for learners to take a lead in their own education as active, empowered participants in richer forms of learning community. Tabitha is also interested in openness and its potential to encourage learners to be both creators and consumers in knowledge production.

Tabitha Roder
23:08 on 9 January 2013

So maybe I am getting confused, but it seems we are making lots of clouds in different cloudscapes. I have to wonder if this is the best way to organise the content and contributions for the MOOC. If in just the first days activities you have already been working in several cloudscapes then I really have to wonder just how many you will have to manage by the end of the course. 

Tabitha Roder
01:56 on 10 January 2013

So, do I, I am very confused with these clouds ...

Itana Gimenes
16:08 on 10 January 2013

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carl gombrich
4:19pm 10 January 2013

Hi Tabitha,

I guess my first impressions of all this are that I am someone who likes to have an interior mental image of where I am, what I am dealing with etc before I jump in. Just like having a map of the city on arrival and some basic phrases to get by. At the moment the Cloudscape environment + all the google groups etc seems pretty chaotic and I have no idea of any hierarchy or structure, who sees what, who is doing what, how to connect to people with similar interests (in such a large group), how to set up and post your learning objectives (as we are due to be doing today) etc.

It's no doubt pretty ol' school, but i want someone to take charge and frame things a bit more clearly! Failing that, hopefully things will just gradually take some kind of shape if I just keep checking in, watching various different vids etc..


Anne Bradbury
11:33am 11 January 2013

I don't think its unreasonable at all to want to know where the tools are or how they will be used - after all, these are just 'tools' and are meant to be the vehicles for the process - and product. Otherwise it is time-consuming and interferes with the main purpose, I think.

I foresee interesting discussions on 'structure' ahead!


Jonathan Vernon
5:03pm 12 January 2013

I've made it here more by default than design. My view with online learning is to get stuck in and be attentive to what happens.

Derek Chirnside
10:19pm 13 January 2013

Jonathan, how can you be attentive to so many posts, so many places to look and so many channels? I feel like this is like continuous partial attention

Are we really going deep enough where it counts?


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