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Week 1 reactions to the launch presentation

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Alice (Xin) Huang
10 January 2013

After reading the whole launch presentation, I feel something is missing.

Turning information into Knowledge is learning. Learning design is the make the process of turning information into knowlege better. So learner will gain knowledge more efficient.  But knowledg is not enough. It is said that what we learned is just knowlege, what we can apply to real life is competency/capability.  For adult learner, I think what is most important is to apply knowledge to real life situation and get job done, get problem solved. When I was deliver training courses to corporate workplace in China , the hardest qestion I often got is "so what?" 


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If you can't facilitate the process of how to apply learning to practice, and make a difference to learner's performance then it would be very risky for you to stand in front of your trainees and try to shape learning for them, you might receive apples or tomatos or empty bottles from them.


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Chris Basson
8:24am 17 January 2013

Hi Alice

What is your pedagogical apoach towards leaarning? I had a lonf hard look at Bloom's Taxonomy and it reallly starting to make a lot of sense again. But what approach do you prefer?




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