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Ana Margarida Santos
10 January 2013

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Activity 1:

Changing the form of assessment in a curricular unit involve planning a teamwork.

The chemical pathology is a discipline that seeks to explain the outbreak of a disease according to the notions of biochemistry. Thus, the human pathologies can be used as a problematic context for teaching the biochemical mechanisms basic. Thus, the teaching of biochemical concepts in the context of human disease translates into the application of scientific knowledge and therefore favors greater motivation to learn.
Each team of students has to answer a question based on the molecular mechanism and chemical pathology underlying a human previously selected by the teacher. The teamwork results in a poster from a bibliographic review that sustain the answer to starting question.

Which part/s of the design do you usually think about first when you begin a new learning design? Do you start with – the learners, the technology, learning approach, previous designs, resource constraints, time constraints, institutional strategy, or... ?

First the learning objectives, second the learning approach and third previous designs.

Where do your ideas originate? From colleagues, from conferences or events, from student data or feedback, from personal experience, from case studies, or ...?

From personal experience and case studies.

What difficulties do you encounter when trying to describe your design ideas to colleagues or to yourself?

To integrate the overall information.

Ana Margarida Santos
17:27 on 24 January 2013

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