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Arosha's Learning Journal

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Arosha K Bandara
10 January 2013

Journal to log learning experiences resulting from participating in the Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) MOOC.

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I am Arosha Bandara, a senior lecturer in Computing at The Open University.  

My background is that of a practicitioner and researcher in the area of software engineering and I have been an academic at the OU since 2006.  Whilst I have attended a few traning workshops and also learned about learning design from colleagues while being involved in a number of module production cycles, I have never had a chance to learn about learning design more formally.  

I signed up to OLDS-MOOC with the hope of gaining a deeper understanding of learning design.  The timing of this MOOC is serendiptious because I am presently in the early stages of a new module production cycle for post-graduate software engineering.  Hopefully this will give me the opportunity to apply what I learn!

Arosha K Bandara
14:48 on 10 January 2013

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Arosha K Bandara
9:49am 10 January 2013 (Edited 2:49pm 10 January 2013)

Looking forward to the OLDS MOOC project work.  Hope I can keep it going for all 9-10 weeks though!

Arosha K Bandara
3:10pm 10 January 2013

Objectives for this week:

  • Re-familiarise myself with cloudworks and the relationship between clouds, scapes and streams
  • Think of ideas for a project
  • Try and link up with people to form a study group and/or project group

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