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Jane Challinor's Personal Learning Journal

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Jane Challinor
10 January 2013

I plan to use my existing blog to keep a learning journal throughout this experience. I am also using this as my portfolio where I am "curating" my own work and useful readings from the week.

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The Virtual Leader

The Virtual Leader

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Jane Challinor
8:32pm 21 January 2013 (Edited 8:38pm 21 January 2013)

I can't embed content from google docs - just doesn't seem to function

Cathie Jackson
3:58pm 23 January 2013

Could you just cut and paste the URL from Google Docs, as I did? I know it's not as attactive as embedding tho!

Jane Challinor
11:24am 24 January 2013

Yes that's what I ended up doing :) My force map is here: 

(damn - now can't even make the hyperlink work!)

Jane Challinor
11:45am 2 February 2013

I managed to add a Pedagogical Pattern - "research method design"!!

Helen Crump
2:00pm 2 February 2013

Jane, I looked at your Pedagogical Pattern and it's really very good. I really liked the collaborative element that you have designed into this learning. I was particularly WOWed by the idea of a collabortaive reflection. The PPC is definitely a handy tool, but it's too clunky in it's design. There's no simple back button and I couldn't find any options for developing a pattern from a LO of my own. I just had to adapt an already existent pattern. Early days, I guess. Can you see it being helpful to you in your work?

Jane Challinor
5:33pm 2 February 2013

Hi Helen thanks for your comments. I admit to having been inspired by your pioneering use of the PPC - I was too scared to try yesterday!

This design is actually something we are trialling this year though not using Google Docs. The plan is to have a template for the collaborative reflection with guided questions.

I don't find the PPC easy to use and particularly in the abstraction phase there were a number of glitches and I had to keep on saving the template then reloading. I felt I didn't do the abstracting bit in a systematic enough way but I couldn't be bothered to keep on trying to amend and save it. Apart from the techy problems, I really just CBA using this. In real life I start with the constraints - hours of contact to be filled; type of teachingn rooms available; LOs to meet; assesment task to complete etc.  The other thing you pointed out was there is no way to show how this time is divided up over a term or a year.

I think you can put in your own LOs if you start from scratch in the designer screen but all that blank space is scary - its quite nice to adapt another's pattern. I also couldn't work out how to change the LO - but like I said - quite a few glitches.

Still, it whiles away a Saturday when I could be doing boring stuff like packing ready to move house.... :)

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