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My current dilemma

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Marion Waite
10 January 2013

Does anyone have any suggestions for creating online community spaces for postgraduate students who are part time and at a distance?


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Mark Johnstone
10:39am 14 January 2013 (Edited 10:39am 14 January 2013)

Hi Marion,

If you want a closed system that the university can lock down they you could use the Mahara eportfolio system for this. If you are using Moodle this can be set up to work with Moodle using a single sign on protocol (sso). Alternatively, it works equally well as a stand alone system.

Mahara is open source, free, and very easy to set up and configure. Our IT people here had it set up and running for me within an hour, completely integrated into Moodle.

Mahara is built on a social networking model. My university, Lancaster, used it as a replacement for NING last year since they wanted something that they could control (and also not have to pay for).

Find that at


Marion Waite
6:55pm 14 January 2013

Hi Mark

Thanks for your suggestion. We have Mahara at Oxford Brookes but embarassingly no one knows how it works, i.e the IT infrastructure haven't set it up completely in Moodle so sadly we can't use it.

I am thinking about suggesting that they set up a Facebook group of their own, which they can manage etc.

i would like to use Mahara though.


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