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Multicultural Course Design / Learning Design: Starting Places - IleneDawn

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Ilene Alexander
10 January 2013

In starting to write out ideas about Learning Design / Course Design that stem from practice and principles across a number of years, I turned to blogging and imaging last year.  These, then, are the starting places from which I'll work outward across the OLDS MOOC:

Thinking about multicultural/inclusive learning and teaching - which I call MILT: (1) The start of a Learning & Teaching Philosophy statement in a PechaKucha-like format; still a work-in-process, the images and initial statments in the Notes field have been finalized, while the notes accompanying each slide are in active editing phase:  And (2) a blog post where I set out a set of initial ideas for a group of PGcert students working through a module on technology and diversity in higher educaiton teaching -

Finally, initial posts about course design / learning design, what these encompass in terms of frameworks and practices:

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