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Chris Basson: Moving the Learning and Development Paradigm of South Africa

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Chris Basson
10 January 2013

Being from South Africa we face much of the same problems as 1st world countries (Ineffective education system, high school dropout rate, unskilled educators, skills shortages in the work environment, ect.) plus we have the extra challenges that most 3rd world countries have (Poor infrastructure, poor service delivery, unemployment, computer literacy, ect.).

From a South African perspective we are late reactors to the “age of the internet”. Only very recently the focus of business has moved in the direction of the internet or digital media as a facilitation medium for learning. E-learning is a medium that can be very useful but are still not used to its full potential due to a lack of infrastructure and negative sentiment caused by a previous generation of poor digital learning designers.  

I hope to get to learn the best practices and enlarging my skillset to be a more effective Learning and Development specialist. I would like to be able to design learning interventions that is fit for our unique situations and conditions to meet the needs of the learners as well as those of the companies that employ them.

I work form a performance consulting perspective where mu focus is on the changing of behaviour of key performance areas. I take a holistic approach where some times the performance barrier is not the individual but the system. My aim is to move learning away from the classroom and to take learning to a point where it is easy to access at the right time from any computer. This allows the learner to take responsibility for the learning and in this way becomes the facilitator of learning.

I hope you can see my Dreamcloud from this.


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Karen Ferreira-Meyers
12:05pm 17 January 2013

Our situation in Swaziland is in many ways similar, I look forward to your dream being 'dreamt out' and hope to find the energy and time to contribute actively here.

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