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Larry Bonura
10 January 2013

I am a technical trainer working in the oil and gas industry.

I'm most interested in mobile learning and wish to create an app to help writers use smartphones in their daily worklife.

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My personal learning objectives for week 1, Initiate:


  1. Read people’s intros:  pick out 2 or 3 who closely match mine for potential project teams.
  2. Gather learning design content: to begin creating my own definition – and apply to mobile learning apps.
  3. Brainstorm and mindmap my goals:  create mindmap with results.

Larry Bonura
18:28 on 10 January 2013

My comments from the presentation introducing learning design for the OLDS MOOC.


As one who is not versed in learning design from a research perspective, this was interesting.

I can see where in today's world it is easy to gather information--it's everywhere.  We are seeing many uses of technology to collect, select, organize, and criticize this info.  The hardest thing for each of us to do, even with technology as an aid, is to turn this fist of facts into value as knowledge.

Education--in the broadest way--continually is finding its way to explain its purpose and future usefulness.  What amazes me is how many models of learning design exists, and continue to be proffered.  It makes me wonder if all education is just a question of design—creating a course of action to change and existing situation into a desired new one.

I like the idea of a "conversation with materials of a situation" and how to "turn matters of fact into matters of concern."  When we take an interest in something we tend to dig deeper, to meld the edges, to focus on bringing knowledge from the mass of material.

This is giving me cause to rethink how I want to structure my project for this MOOC, not only how to do it, but what to do, in a new way.  Design in essence is creating a structure for knowledge.  It's providing a thesaurus for the micro world of a study area to be able to see the whole from within.  I see where it would be beneficial to look at what's around me now (analyze), to build a structure for that info (design), then to build something that would benefit my audience (develop), and release that blended beauty for consumption (implement).  And then, evaluate and re-issue.

In essence, the structure of this MOOC will help me with my projecting design.  I like the Initiate > investigate > ideate > connect > prototype > curate > evaluate > reflect model.  I'm looking forward to digging deeper.

Larry Bonura
18:02 on 11 January 2013

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