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Sharing resources

Barriers and enablers to sharing resources

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Gráinne Conole
12 January 2009

Use this cloud to discuss some of the issues around sharing resources. What are the barriers and enablers? Do you have any examples you can share with other participants in terms of examples of successful sharing of resources?

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Graham Healing
11:28am 15 January 2009

One example of reuse of course content is H806 which was designed as a series a learning objects that were then reused in 3 ways:

  • Parts of this course were then reused to create a new course (T186)
  • Modules for a further course (H850)
  • Staff development materials (Hot Topics).

Also Chris Pegler, who was part of the course team for H806, has written about the subject of reuse in 'Learn about reuse, repurposing and reversioning'.

Gráinne Conole
1:52pm 15 January 2009

HI Caroline yes i totally agree and one of the things we want to see if cloudwords can help with is providing an easy way to see who is doing what and then hence who to contact to find out more information.

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