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Sharon Collingwood's Virtual Worlds Teaching Journal

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Sharon Collingwood
10 January 2013

Jan 15

I've set up a cloudscape, here:

Others (I think) can add clouds to this cloudscape.  I have added my teaching journal (this cloud) and another cloud I created called "idea bin."  I've put a Google doc in the idea bin with a sketch of things we might want to do over the next 8 weeks.


Jan 13

So...  Is this like a blog?  It's taking me a while to figure out how this all will work.  I feel like one of my own students -- a little overwhelmed. Even though I work with a learning management system all the time, a new system can be baffling.

Which makes me think about my project.  I've just spent ten minutes looking for the dreamscape thing.  It's probably quite simple, but I can't find it.  Compare this to a student problem in my virtual classroom.  The student has a problem (can't find the classroom) and the solutions the student finds for this problem are directly related to what they do every day in real life  (walk straight ahead, read the signs, look for other students, look for a circle of chairs).

Hmmm.   I've set up all the required things, gotten a few names, and now I'm trying to connect with people.  I think I am behind the pack.

Jan 11


I hope there will be others interested in the topic of virtual worlds; I've been teaching distance courses there for six years, and I'm still smitten with it. 

One of the reasons I am here is because the Open University has a digital classroom in Second LIfe, called Deep Think.  I've been trying to find out if anyone from that group will be working in this MOOC.  No luck so far.  Are you there?

I teach Women's & Gender studies in Second Life, and I have a small site that I can share as a meeting place for the group (see the image in the main Cloudspace). I'm very interested in course design that links the practicalities of 3D teaching to overarching pedagogical goals.

I've linked the introductory video fo rmy course (now outdated, as the class has moved, but it gives you the idea.)

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Linda Shelton
8:57am 11 January 2013

Hello Ellie. I live in Twinity where everyone has a home base they can decorate. In answer to your question on a cloud I think this helps to introduce people to a world. We can meet for conversation somewhere else.

By the way, Twinity has dropped the budget for maps of streets. I thought this was helpful even for cities that are new to some people. any ideas welcome on how to bring them back.

Sharon Collingwood
8:45pm 11 January 2013

Hi Linda,

I haven't tried Twinity, but it seems to have all the functionality of Second LIfe--chat, user-built content, the ability to interact and move around together.  Does it have voice chat?

I want to do a project that could apply across platforms, although I don't know much about content creation in Twinity.  Is it very difficult?

Linda Shelton
11:42am 12 January 2013

Hello Sharon

I'm not sure your Cloudscape could be a cloud and then in the Dream Bazaar cloudscape.

looks like a dream or a project.

Have you looked at Peter Miller cloud in the DreamBazaar cloudscape?

( I am not on the course but have recently signed on for Cloudworks. It is a bit confusing to start with) 

Linda Shelton
11:45am 12 January 2013


On Twinity I don't think there is voice chat. There is an option to import 3D models. The Sketchup library works ok. But the scale needs to be correct.

Sharon Collingwood
4:50pm 15 January 2013


I sent a message to the Google group that formed around my initial welcome post.  In case you didn't get it, here it is:

I think we might be having a communication problem.  We seem to be using the google group intro to talk to the group, and private e-mail to talk to each other. I'm not sure where we will be communicating in Cloudworks itself.

I have made up a cloudscape for the project, here:

You can go to the cloudscape and add your own clouds to it. (I think). I have added my teaching journal and a cloud named "idea bin".  I've put a Google doc in "idea bin"  with some thoughts for a plan of attack.  We've only got 8 weeks, so I've tried to think of ways of carefully defining the scope of work.  The doc has comments enabled, so please chip in.

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