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Daniel's OLDS MOOC learning journal

Keeping track of my learning experiences within OLDS MOOC

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Daniel Staemmler
10 January 2013

I decided to use cloudworks to monitor and track my learning experience during the time of OLDS MOOC. I do have a blog (see link) but I want to familiarize myself with this tool, as one of many, to facilitate an online course. It strikes me that this platfrom is more a learner centered design and about organizing, annotating and making sense of informtation and other participants comments and remarks. Looking forward to a great journey in learning.

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Okay, I am trying to figure out how to set up a project proposal and publish it to the Dreambazaar here on cloudworks. Since the flood of mails and information here is quiet overwhelming, and I dond't seem to be alone with this feeling, I try to describe the process as I am working along.

  1. I am starting by following the step-by-step guide unter - On my profile page I click on "Create a Cloud" on topf my name and the sign out button.
  2. Naming the cloud with my name and my dream :-) Naming it: Daniel Staemmler: My dream: Design a webinar on how to design an engaging webinar.
  3. There is a template (opens in new window) that I can use to describe my dream. I decide to use the headings and the questions on the template to guide me through the process. Having seen a couple of other dreams written up using the template I think for a better reading experience I alter the template a little:
    - My situation
    - The change that I would like to see
    - How I might tackle this to bring the change
  4. After typing up my dream and a call to leave a comment at the end I hit "Create Cloud"
  5. I'm being asked to add some tags so that people can find my cloud easier and I do so.
  6. Now I have to add this cloud to my portfolio cloudspace and the Dreambazzar cloudspace. On the cloud I just created I click on the left on "add to a cloudspace". I click and a list of my last viewed cloudspaces shows up. On the left I click on the link "add to cloudpace" in the same line as Dreambazaar. The same procedure to add to my personal portfolio.
  7. DONE!

Somehow cloudworks is not very self-explaining. It definitely needs some improvement in the design of UI and UX.

Daniel Staemmler
13:35 on 13 January 2013

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