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Phil Langton
10 January 2013

My learning journal for the OLDS MOOC (Jan to March 2013)

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Thoughts on setting up the bits and bobs required to make a start within the OLDS MOOC

Its weird - I know all the components of the underlying technology but trying to set myself up I feel as if I am completely at sea.  My institution has made it very hard for me to use my University Google account to register with the OLDS discussion pages and it all seems and feels clunky and that I'm filling in this and registering for that without any real insight into what or why.  Then the postings are far short of a conversation.  It's like running between rooms to hear the echo of a conversation and knowing nothing of the context.

Phil Langton
15:48 on 11 January 2013

We're asked to "Think about what you aim to achieve this week in the MOOC."

and to "Post an item to your learning journal, listing your objectives, and noting how you will know that you achieved them."

Well this is that post.  I want to understand the dynamics of a MOOC.  How over 1000 people interact. How the facilitators attempt to facilitate (would love to know how you keep an eye on the users).

I will consider this week a success if I:

  • feel that I understand how to function within the MOOC
  • can find people within the OLDS MOOC who either live close by (Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, Exeter etc).
  • understand how the proposed work path might help me deliver something useful for my faculty or university.

Phil Langton
16:49 on 11 January 2013

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Where I feel I am with MOOCs

Where I feel I am with MOOCs

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