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Helen Walmsley's MOOC Learning Journal

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Helen Walmsley-Smith
10 January 2013

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Helen Walmsley-Smith
5:14pm 10 January 2013

Introducing myself....

I work at Staffordshire University in the Learning Development and Innovation team on the Best Practice Models for e-Learning project. I'm interested in ways to teach and learn using technology, and also interested in the best ways to support teachers in developing their use of technology in teaching and learning. I enjoy working in collaborative groups and communities and I'm looking forwards to exploring the MOOC experience!

Sandie Gay
9:38pm 11 January 2013

Hi Helen

Good to 'see' you on here.  it's very exciting though a little overwhelming already.........hope to work through the maze of postings to absorb the ideas and thoughts flowing through.


Helen Walmsley-Smith
2:07pm 18 January 2013

Reflections on week 1

As I suspected, there was so much activity on the MOOC that I quickly felt overwhelmed and started to avoid it! However, I set myself the target of spending just an hour this afternoon to catch up and have at least got a feel for where I'm up to. I have also started to map the learning activities of the mooc to the e-Design template to help me think about the learning design of the mooc.

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