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Gráinne Conole
12 January 2009

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Lynda Juma
1:18pm 15 January 2009

We need a simple but effective way of auditing students' generic learning skills particularly their level of literacy before course start so they can be directed to appropriate help.

Lynda Juma
1:39pm 15 January 2009

Should assessment have a lower emphasis on academic writing in the beginning and more emphasis on writing for professional purposes which would be more familiar to students.

Lynda Juma
1:41pm 15 January 2009

Writing skills should be scaffolded through the module/course or even throughout the award/course so that the student gradually moves toward written argument, longer academic writing pieces, inclusion of academic work in responses and so on.

Julia Platt
1:50pm 15 January 2009

Could do it:


- pre-reg via an audit/diagnostic (but issues here owing to late registration)

- integrate within TMA 01 as a skills assessment (low weighting) - extended piece of writing. If any issues identified at this stage, additional support may be required throughout the module.

Julia Platt
1:51pm 15 January 2009


Julia Platt
1:58pm 15 January 2009

We agree but suggest embedding study skills possibly within TMA weeks. Include study support advice at timely intervals in the Study Guide before formal assessment.


Include study skills support in tutorials as well as content. ALs need more time, staff development and guidance from CT about better integration of study skills support for students.


Make assumptions about ICT expertise which is often the media for study skills support.

Lynda Juma
2:04pm 15 January 2009

This is being addressed through the L1 Coherence Review to an extent where there will be a definition of what an introductory L1 course will cover with respect to learning skills and ICT skills so they can be practised on the next Level 1 course and probably then assumed.

Lynda Juma
2:36pm 15 January 2009

An example of the professional versus academic writing would be:  after watching a DVD of practice the student is asked to complete a mock inspection form rather than write an academic reflection.  The language still has to be formal but the audience is clearer and more familiar.

Jo Miller
2:41pm 15 January 2009

this sounds like a really good idea. We should explore it more...

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