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Clem's OLDS MOOC Learning Journal

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Clem WIlkinson
10 January 2013

I lived in Taiwan for over 10 years where I was a homeroom teacher in an English immersion school; over the years teaching 3 - 12 year olds. I returned  to the UK (Brighton) for some personal, professional development. After working in primary education, I moved on to study for an MA in Online and Distance Education (MAODE); which included the following modules:

  • Continuing Professional Development in Practice
  • The eLearning Professional
  • Accessible Online Learning: supporting disabled students
  • Innovations in eLearning
  • Technology Enhanced Learning: practices and debates

I may use this for my learning journal although I want to use Blogger this year; in which case I'll add the link.

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Clem WIlkinson
11:50am 13 January 2013

It's been a busy start with a lot of information to read through on the introduction cloudscape and Google group, plus the ideas on the Dreambazaar.

I feel that several ideas have been proposed around the ideas of Digital Literacies.

Anne Bradbury: Unit 0 :

An initial course to prepare students for studying online, technologies, collaborative working, attitudes, privacy etc. This is specifically aimed at Post Grads taking the OU's MA Online and Distance Education modules. This cloud also contains a great set of questions we should be asking.

Anthea Wilson: My dream: Learning design project proposal - level 1 inexperienced learners” :

Also in the context of the OU in this case Health and social care. It concerns the use of technology in providing clearly defined, concise and accessible online learning material that improves the learning experience.

ARTiFactor: My Dream: a Digital Literacy MOOC :

Big dreams for a Digital Literacy MOOC so, potential to break this down into several sub-projects covering different elements of Dig. LIt.. as well an overall design. I think it lends itself to a non-linear approach with open start dates. This progression from newbie to coach/mentor could make great use of Open Badges. Peer reviewed and linking to evidence within the MOOC environment.

Catherine El-Bez: My dream: a MOOC on 'Digital Literacy and Personal Learning Environment' :

Helping university students to evaluate, develop and reflect on their information Literacy and ICT skills through a cMOOC format. I am interested by the consideration of reflection as CPD In practice was one of my MA modules, and I feel would be of real benefit to the skill set of any learner.

Helen Crump: Design Project:: Digital Me -Understanding Digital Literacies :

Digital Literacies in and social learning in an HE or CPD context. The Pedagogy First MOOC which is refered to looks like a useful reference for other projects looking at Dig. Lit.

Katharine Reedy - My dream: digitally literate distance learning and teaching :

Embedding Dig. Lit. into degree programmes with a very useful link to the OU's framework for Digital and Information Literacy  

Shirley Williams:Will this help me learn? :

Evaluating Resources - Fits in nicely with Belshaw's 'Critical' element of Digital Literacies. [Then] "offer learning resources ourselves..." I think several of the other elements could come into play here and there could be an opportunity to have the students to develop them?

Joe Nicholls CPD for digital and information literacies :

"organisational structures and processes dedicated to the creation and delivery of flexible and agile CPD tailored for Professional Services staff roles". "More often than not, what people experience is something that is pre-packaged and removed from context in which they work."

Aimed at staff in Information services, I am sure that some of the skill set will see a cross over with other projects. I also wonder if the Digital Literacies MOOC idea might lend itself to this specific subject area. Expanding the participants and knowledge base across a number of institutions? 

José Luis Castaño: My dream: Learning design project proposal :

Primary education, looking at developing collaborative working between students in a school were technology (netbooks) are provided on a 1:1 basis. I think Doug Belshaw's 8 elements of digital literacies could provide a good framework from which to devise a variety of learning activities. .

Alisha Portolese: My dream: Learning design project proposal - Collaborative writing in a primary classroom :

Primary classes (as above) so a definite link there, and in this case specifically collaborative writing. Wikis are mentioned, Google documents would be another area to explore as would be the whole G. Apps for Education package. There could also be an opportunity to link with those involved with ESL/EFL teaching.

 AnitaMonty:My dream: Learning Design project: Peer-to-peer learning online :

A university continuing education course for those in the energy industry. Peer to Peer learning and assessment. This refers to Salmon's 5 stage model could be useful as part of the learning design for other projects.


Clem WIlkinson
12:17pm 24 January 2013 (Edited 12:27pm 24 January 2013)

I wrote this as a response to AB's Learning journal ( but as it also contains some reflection I add it here and perhaps add some further thoughts.


11:54am 24 January 2013

I completely agree with you on time, dipping in and out, the need for organisation and self-discipline. I am finding it an interesting experience although perhaps a little too frantic. So, I would be interested in a slightly more 'ploddy' learning environment (PLE?) ;) .

From what I have read and heard about Mozilla Open Badges so far, I am in favour of them as a concept. I believe that they have a lot of potential but, that we are only starting to learn how they might be used to best effect.

It has been my impression that once awarded, the badge would be in my backpack and then I could choose where to display it publicly, or not. However, I can also see that from an issuers point of view they may wish to display learners' accomplishments. Something to be in the Terms & Conditions perhaps (but who reads those)?

Personally, I would prefer to be able to choose whether to add badges to my profile description or not. If they are added by default, I feel one's profile could start to look very messy.

I'm now off for a further look at the Learning Design toolbox. Perhaps I can qualify for the Resource Gather's badge, and then decided whether to apply for it. My concern here it that it is based on adding three new pieces of content (to that which has been built up since Sept. 2009). Does this equate to value? What about reviewing existing content that may have been surpassed or simply no longer exists?


First thoughts on adding this, one cloud for a learning journal doesn't work. What's really required is a Cloudscape with separate clouds that afford directly related comments below. However, I can see the list of clouds in the portfolio cloudscape also becoming very long very quickly.

I think it would be better to link to a blogging platform for the learning journal. Adding an RSS feed here, enable a link to the latest entry.

I am however finding this experience of cloudworks far superior to the one I had last year. Where I arrived for a 'flash debate" and then promptly departed to use a service that didn't require continued moderation of comments. (I wonder if I will see such visitors again this year?)

Cloudworks does appear to work well for the gathering and discussion of links to resources. But would I continue to use it (can I export my data)? Would I install it on my own server, in preference to something else? I am becoming very aware that I have a lot of content spread over many different services.. judgement is still out on this one.

Talking of time... actually realised I now don't now have time to look at the LD toolbox. ah well.

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