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Jeff Waistell is dreaming of a 'Managing Change & Innovation' project proposal

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Jeff Waistell
10 January 2013

Hi there, I am a senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Management, UK, and a module leader for our course on Managing Organisational Innovation and Change, which I am converting to a more fully online course design, using Moodle. How might the course design encourage a learning process characterised by these subjects of change and innovation? I hope you can join me in this project. and/or share your experience. Best regards, Jeff

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Simon Walker
6:35pm 10 January 2013

Great idea for a design project, Jeff. I have created a post called setting up study circles and teams in the open discussion forum:  You might want to advertise your ideas there too.

Tiffany Crosby
6:06pm 14 January 2013

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I'm not sure if I will be able to participate in the team. I have three options that I'm weighting, but I'd definitely be willing to provide commentary and input from time to time.

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