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Jeff Waistell dreams of a Massive Open Course on Sustainability, for education, discussion & campaigning, drawing in diverse stakeholders from around the world

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Jeff Waistell
10 January 2013

Hi all, I know many will share this dream so I hope you might like to join me in this project of a Massive Open Course on Sustainability. The dream is to draw in diverse stakeholders - e.g. campaigners, companies, universities, schools, etc. - from around the world, to create a huge forum for education, discussion & campaigning (using Moodle). A MOOC is perfect for global discussion of global issues, breaking down barriers between demographic groups, nations and stakeholders - and breaking down barriers between education, campaigning and environmental action. Please share your thoughts and join up.  How can we increase interest through social media?Jeff Waistell, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University

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Ronald Macintyre
3:54pm 11 January 2013

Hi Jeff, I am interested in this area, I work for the Open University in Scotland, to date my work on ESD has tended to look outside the academy, around working with voluntary environmental organisations to explore sustainability and open educational practices, but I would be keen to explore any proposal you have to work within the academy.

Jeff Waistell
3:44pm 12 January 2013

Ronald, I have an Open University background too but most importantly we share the same interests in sustainability - so I am very glad that you are interested and I really hope others can join with us too. I like the fact that you have worked with voluntary organisations too, as I hope this MOOC project could be a global multi-stakeholder course that involves voluntary organisations and many other interested groups too. Please see my expanded description of the project, Ronald (and everyone), to see what you think - and share your ideas for adding to the description. Thank you. Jeff

Ronald Macintyre
11:47am 13 January 2013

Hi Jeff, I cannot see the exapended description, is it in a new could?

Do you go to the EAUC conference, or are you planning the one this year, even if we do not get together and chat.

Jeff Waistell
6:03pm 13 January 2013

Hi Ronald, great to hear from you again! 

The expanded description is where you found the original description - you should see it at the top of this page. Please feel free to expand the description further and send it back to me and I will post it up within the cloud.

I had not planned to go to that conference - but now that you have asked - I will try to go.

Anyone else interested in joining this cloud?  :-)

Best regards,


Roland Lubett
9:00pm 13 January 2013

Hi Jeff

I'm interested in what you're proposing. I haven't floated my cloud yet, but I am working on a learning program for holistic development practitioners - community work, advocacy, creativity, livelihoods, spiritual growth and self-reliance.

Of the clouds I've looked at, yours is the most relevant; but like Ronald I can see only the 7 lines of the original proposal.



Christie McKee
9:38pm 13 January 2013

Great ideas...can't wait to see more

Jeff Waistell
10:04am 14 January 2013

Hi Roland, it is interesting to read your message, as I was a community worker in a previous career and creativity is part of my Innovation and Change module at Oxford Brookes University. Also, I am very interested in mindfulness (meditation) as a way to reconnect with our environment (although I hope that this MOOC will be a broad movement that engages a range of people, with diverse approaches to sustainability).

Yes, the description is only 7 lines at present (it was shorter before), so I am sure that you can see the updated version. Please feel free to send me a more expanded version, if you wish.

It would be great if the 3 of us could move forward on this sustainability cloud - and even greater if others can join us too!

Best regards, Jeff

Jeff Waistell
11:52am 14 January 2013

Hi Ronald and Roland - I have created a cloudscape and cloud for us to develop a MOOC on sustainability:

Christie - would you like to join us in this project?

I have added you all into the permissions for the sustainability cloud.

Best regards,


Jeff Waistell
1:01pm 14 January 2013

Hi all, for further details - and to take this dream forward, please see:

study circle:

It is early days and the ideas are just emerging. So it would be great if you could join this project and/or study circle and help us take the ideas and design further! Many thanks.
Best regards,

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