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Jeff Waistell dreams of a Massive Open Course on Sustainability, for education, discussion & campaigning, drawing in diverse stakeholders from around the world

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Jeff Waistell
10 January 2013

Hi all, I know many will share this dream so I hope you might like to join me in this project of a Massive Open Course on Sustainability. The dream is to draw in diverse stakeholders - e.g. campaigners, companies, universities, schools, etc. - from around the world, to create a huge forum for education, discussion & campaigning (using Moodle). A MOOC is perfect for global discussion of global issues, breaking down barriers between demographic groups, nations and stakeholders - and breaking down barriers between education, campaigning and environmental action. Please share your thoughts and join up.  How can we increase interest through social media?Jeff Waistell, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Oxford Brookes University

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