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Marie's OLDS Learning journal

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Marie Arndt
10 January 2013


  • I have been a teacher/lecturer for many years, worked in different countries, taught different subjects, at different levels. I am originally from Sweden, but have lived in Ireland or Britain for many years. At the moment I am teaching English to Oman i students in Sohar, Oman. I am also an academic involved in research, mainly in English language and literature, which has been my discipline for the last 20 years. My PhD is in English literature. I am also interested in pedagogical matters, and have embraced using technology in teaching. Last year I completed an MA in Online and Distance Education (OU, UK). I want to learn more about the technical side of developing elearning material.


Extra content

The first few days of following this MOOC have been partly chaotic and partly invigorating. The chaos has consisted of finding my way around the Cloudworks site and the different cloudscapes and clouds, The invigorating part has been to connect with people all over the globe by reading their posts and commenting on some contributions. It was particularly pleasing to find some participants based in the same region as myself, the Gulf.

I'm not sure what will transpire from this, but I am intrigued to follow developments and participate as much as I can. I've always been of the view that the internet is good for social and outgoing people, and this MOOC will probably reinforce that belief. Just like the MAODE I completed last year, I think this course will also give me the opportunity to make some more contacts that will last beyond the 9 weeks.  

I suggested a dream project based on a discussion I had recently with a manager at my college, who was concerned about the inadequate level of English among engineering students at the college where I teach, a higher education college in Sohar, Oman. I hope that during the course I will be able to develop ideas how to help that situation in my workplace.

Marie Arndt
18:29 on 13 January 2013

Reflections on EoR phases

I had a gap of almost two weeks from week 1 to week 2, so I have worked through the writing for the EoR phases rapidly. I have based my writing on my initial project. Through this process I have realised that I need to emphasise more that co-ordination between lecturers from the major subject - engineering - and the supporting are - English - is essential. There must also be a willingness by the lecturers to accept the strong influence of the designer.  

The fact that there is currently unstable network access at the institution makes it a priority to find solution to enable students to work offline to a large extent. Mobile learning is also an alternative, as many students have internet-connected phones, usually Samsung.

Thinking about how to implement the project has made me able to map weaknesses in the current system, and made me verbalise necessary changes. What I am planning for is not a MOOC, but a real project that I have been asked to do at my institution; the blended learning approach is still present, but I will try to do it as self-contained as possible. Although I am behind in my MOOC work and have had to more go it alone and cut corners, I am still learning from this activity. I am forced to address elements, and I know that I have not explored it fully. The cultural dimension is bigger than I have so far scrutinised, for example.     

Marie Arndt
13:55 on 7 February 2013

My week 5 has ended as far as I'm concerned. I have tried to produce a prototype, but I'm afraid I wasn't quite clear about what I was doing. After having looked at a few other examples I still wasn't quite sure. The introduction video clearly did express the purpose, but I was never quite clear about how much or how little to use to inform the programmer what the course wanted to achieve. I have done this week on my own as I was late starting, so I've had no collaboration in any tasks.

I have in another context used a storyboarding template to do prototyping, as well as PPP, and that seemed more straightforward. The way it was done in this MOOC I got the impression you really had to have a lot of background knowledge. I had some knowledge, I realised, but I didn't know the term prototype in this context,

At this point I know that I have learnt a lot already by following this MOOC, although I have swept over parts of it quickly. I think, however, that I will to have gone through the whole MOOC, before I can go over things again, and be able to assess more clearly what I have actually added to my understanding of LD. The chaos, at least, doesn't seem to be imminent.

Now to week 6

Marie Arndt
19:20 on 15 February 2013

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