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Xin(Alice) Huang: My dream: OTC Sales Force Effectiveness

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Alice (Xin) Huang
10 January 2013

Your situation (context)

 I want to produce a training curriculum for the first line sales managers of a Pharmaceutical company in China to manage their OTC (over the counter) sales force effectively.

With the ever increasing pressure to ensure maximum return on investment, sales force effectiveness(SFE) is becoming a high priority area in the global pharmaceutical industry. How to improve the effectiveness is now a dual responsibility between sales force management team and sales training team. Training sales representatives alone is not going to work, the learning has to extend to outside training room and involve first line sales managers to carry on after-training coaching to make sure transfer of learning happens.

China, a thickly populated large country, to cover most OTC pharma channel, including retail stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, neighborhood convenient stores will require a  large size of the OTC sales force and widely dispersed throughout the country. It can be extremely costly and difficult to bring sales team together in one place for training. Also due to the nature of the sales work, sale Rep would need training and support  that areaccessible whenever  they need it. This will  also contribute to thesales force stability. Therefore, the first line sales manager is becoming a pivotal role in terms of training their own team and providing ongoing support. 

The change you would like to see (challenge)

What do you hope to achieve?

Produce a blended training approach that will incorporate training outcome  with business performance, will merge learning process into everyday sales activities so that learning will happen naturally any time, any where.

What would be different if you succeed?

If I succeed, both the OTC sales managers and sales Rep would never complain that attending training is a waste of their time. The Rep will feel empowered, confident in doing their job. The sales manager will feel a sense of achievement because they are able to upskill and support their own team member.  

How you might go about bringing that change

What is your pedagogical approach?

 Constructionism will be the underpin learning theory for this project.

 Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?

 Mobile device and social media platform will be used to implement the project. All learning material, training workshop, will be hosted via social media platform, and learning interactions will be enalbed through mobile devices. 

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Chris Basson
5:16am 11 January 2013

Hi Alice

Can I team up with you on your project. It seems like na exciting one to work on.



Alice (Xin) Huang
5:45am 11 January 2013

Sure, Chris, great to have you on board. 



Videhi Bhamidi
3:43pm 11 January 2013

Hi Alice,

Your idea seems practical and much needed in today's sales training scenario.

Can I be part of your project?




Alice (Xin) Huang
7:03pm 11 January 2013

Thanks Videhi, Welcome! 

Jonathan Vernon
5:33pm 13 January 2013

I'd like to follow this group having had experience producing linear (video) then interactive (CD-Rom) and finally e-learning for sales support -typically product support as well as sales techniques. My interest is in applied lesrning, worplace or just in time learning using mobile devices - typically a smart phone or tablet tailoring it to create a 'virtual companion' that is 'aware' of the student's learning background and status.

Joshua Underwood
8:45pm 13 January 2013

There might be some synergies with Reality based e-learning experiences, perhaps?

Alice (Xin) Huang
8:54pm 13 January 2013

Great Joshua, welcome! 


Dawn Schliesser
4:07am 14 January 2013 (Edited 4:08am 14 January 2013)

Hi Alice.

At Joshua's prompting I read your propposal.  I think our projects have some synergies given that I too am trying to find a way to get professionals up and running through a relevant learning experience. Would you be interested in working together or allowing me to work with your team? I think the conccepts that get teased out for your project could be beneficial for mine as well.

Alice (Xin) Huang
2:47am 15 January 2013

Hi Dawn, I read your proposal, as you said these two project does ahve a lot of synergies, the learning approach will be similar, only my one will have a more specific target group which is OTC (over the counter) sale force first line managers.  It would be great to have you with us working together! I added you to the project team as an admin. Looking forward to it, Alice

Alice (Xin) Huang
9:06am 22 January 2013

Hi everyone, 

Chris and I created a new cloudscape for our project, you are all welcome to join us, the link is:

My email is

Chris and I also created a google folder to share, so we can edit on one document together, if you want to join us. please contact either me or Chris. 



Alice (Xin) Huang
9:19am 22 January 2013

Hi everyone, the link to the google doc for persona is here:



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