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Alan Clarke: Adult Education Workshop

Outline of my project

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Alan Clarke
10 January 2013

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Alan Clarke
21:55 on 10 January 2013 (Edited 22:09 on 10 January 2013)


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I am aiming to develop a workshop or a series of workshops aimed at adult and community learning practitioners in order to encourage them to employ online learning methods in their teaching. The main content of the initial workshop would be an introduction to developing online learning while later workshops would consider specific aspects in more depth to assist them to undertake the development.

Workshops are normally held in a conference room and little technology beyond video projection is employed. The room would normally hold twenty or thirty delegates. The delegates would have limited technical skills and experience of e-learning. Their teaching environment lacks resources and they may have depend on learners own equipment and free resources.

Many of the delegates will know each other and they have a culture of sharing ideas and resources between them.



The change you would like to see (challenge)


The aim of the workshop is to motivate the participants to actively consider online learning and for a large proportion of them to return for later events.



How you might go about bringing that change


I would like to use a constructivist approach in offering a participatory event in which they explore the idea of online learning and leave with ideas and some resources to continue development? My ideas are still growing but I was wondering about:

1.    Pre-course activity – discussion forum?

2.    Post- course activity – discussion forum?

3.    OER available to support the workshop?

4.    What content to include?

5.    What resources/sources to provide?






Alan Clarke
22:44 on 10 January 2013 (Edited 16:07 on 11 January 2013)

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Sandie Gay
9:34pm 11 January 2013

Hello Alan

Nice to 'meet' you again on this course.  

Online learning is little developed in ACL due, as you say, to the traditional venues in which it is delivered and restricted access to resources but with so many more people owning smart phones possibilities are definitely greater and its definitely an environment which reaches learners that many others don't/can't.  It would be good to create an online learning design model that would suit this environment and I would love to join you in developing this.


Derek Chirnside
10:55pm 11 January 2013

I'm interested.  I have two current questions in my day job:

  • What are the good habits such people need?
  • What minmum learning design skills wil help tutors succees.
I see teaching and Learning design insight as being related.  Not sure if I can contribute, but just a litle handwaving to say Hi.

Alan Clarke
10:55am 12 January 2013

Hi Sandie

Good to hear from you

I agree with you that any model/approach needs to be based on learners own technology and the smart phone looks the most promising. It would be good to work together on developing an online learning design model for adult and community learning. I suggest we wait until after the weekend to see if other people want to join in before setting up a cloud.

Best Wishes


Alan Clarke
10:58am 12 January 2013

Hi Derek

I would be very happy for you to wave at us. Your two questions seem very appropriate. Adult Education tutors are frequently part-time with family commitments so minimums are important.

Best Wishes


Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli
7:50pm 13 January 2013

Hi Alan,

I'm interested in collaborating in this team, since I guess that my dream could be connected (see my dream at: I found your idea and Derek's questions stimulating, as well as agreed with Sandie's comment.

I'm currently engaged in a training with adults' educators that should implement  sessions to promote intergenerational learning. I designed the eLearning course and I'm currently working with 30 of them (and content-experts) in a scheme of interaction that go from the virtual to the real practices (they tell about and discuss experiences that  we suggest them to do). This is in the context of an European Project 

I should guide the participants (adults' educators) to design the set of sessions, and I would like to help them to adopt social media to collect,  "narrate" and further reflect on their experiences. I would like to go beyond the virtual learning environment where they are already working. Finally, I would like to support them in "opening" their practices to other and disseminate. 

Can I join the team?




Alan Clarke
8:17pm 13 January 2013

Hi Juliana

I would be very happy for you to join the team. Your dream seems very compatible.

Best Wishes


Roger Merritt
7:44pm 14 January 2013

Hi Alan, just dropping to say 'hello'. I'm hoping to get some insight  for NEC into practical examples and case studies of online courses which have successfully (and cost effectively) used OER, peer support and expert tutor input to create  a viable online community of self-funding adult learners.

Haven't found anything in this MOOC to help as yet - rather 'obscured by clouds' still I'm afraid.

Good luck with yours anyway



Alan Clarke
8:17pm 14 January 2013

Hi Roger

Good to hear from you and I hope you find what you are looking for

Best Wishes


Dan McCaffrey
10:23am 17 January 2013

Hi Alan-

My proposal chimes broadly with this one, althoguh yours is may specific which may be a good thing as I'm now slightly concerned that my idea is too broad.  I'm basicaly focusing on developing a resource which provides a rationale for FE and Skills practitioners engaging with theories of Learning Design, particularly for online developments.  My feeling is that presently, for a variety of reasons not least concerned with time and the fact that unfortunately scholarly activity (e.g. research) is not generally considered a viable option for teachers in these environments,  I'm preently positing the development of a resource which therefore articulated both the benefits of engagement (with a decent evidence base premised on considerations of measurable quantities e.g. attainment/achievement) and outlines some of the basic concepts in a language contextualised for these sectors.  

So-Really just to let you know that I'd be interested to see how your project progresses, and if you'd like to dip into this project (presently I'm "buddied up" with a colleague) youd be very welcome.


Cheers, Dan

Dan McCaffrey
10:42am 17 January 2013

Hi Alan-Sorry, just read ahead; Maybe we could link up in a "study circle"?


Alan Clarke
11:03am 17 January 2013

Hi Dan

You are very welcome to take a look and I would be interesting in seeing how your work progresses

Best Wishes


Sandie Gay
8:08pm 18 January 2013

What happens next?


Alan Clarke
8:50pm 18 January 2013

Hi Sandie

If you visit OLD MOOC Adult Education Team cloudscape you will find a cloud OLD MOOC Team Overview with an invitation to edit the draft overview so we can agree it. I have also added a scenario and Force diagram clouds which you are welcome to comment on and amend etc. I thought the place to start was the outline and then perhaps we could try to follow the course programme i.e. context next. However, happy to hear your views.

I have given you admin rights in the cloudscape which I asume will allow you to make changes.



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