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Anne Whaits' OLDSMOOC Journal

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Anne Whaits
10 January 2013

This journal will reflect my journey through the #oldsmooc learning experience.

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Thursday 10 January 2013: My #oldsmooc journey has begun

I really was excited to embark on this journey today but only managed to set off after 7pm this evening. It has taken me the best part of 5 hours to read through all, introduce myself and get set up. 

What did I feel, think and experience on this my first day of my first MOOC experience?

  • Initially a little overwhelmed with the information abundance and many platforms as I tried to find my way around but am feeling a lot more "prepared" now to take the next step.
  • The Week 1 course page was well structured and clearly mapped out the learning plan and activitities that have been designed for us.
  • The introductory video by Yishay Mor certainly brought a human presence into the first day's initiation.
  • I enjoyed the open discussion in Google groups and was interested in getting a sense of what others were thinking, feeling and hoping for from this MOOC. Nice to see Simon and Peter's 'presence" in there with questions and responses.
  • The Introductions served to remind me that I am not alone in this and I was excited to see the global network of participants growing as the introductions streamed in. I really look forward to engaging with others and learning with and from them.
  • #oldsmooc Twitter stream moved a little more slowly but it was reassuring to see that the affordances of the many platforms being used.
  • A social collaborative learning experience has begun :)
This week my objectives are:
  1. To construct a definition of learning design that deepens my understanding of the concept.
  2. To contribute to the social learning environment so that my connections with others are strengthened for the journey ahead.
  3. To keep a daily reflective log of my mooc experience. 
  4. To initiate my own learning design project that will have immediate relevance for IIE/VC
  5. To achieve my first badge :)


Anne Whaits
00:42 on 11 January 2013

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