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Judy Hartford: Exploring "What If..." Design

Exploring non-traditional or emerging design methodology for adult learners

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Judy Hartford
11 January 2013

I'm interested in exploring design methodology "outside the box" specific to adult learners in professional, corporate environment.

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Marie Arndt
2:00pm 11 January 2013

Hi Judy,

My project is enhancing English and academic writing skills for engineering students in Oman, which may easily be related to the corporate world, where there is also a need for the same in Oman. Naybe we can discuss more in detaiol how we may have common points to explore.


Cicero Mukes
10:48pm 14 January 2013

Hey Judy, How far outside the box do you think you might get? Seems like there is an extreme focus on productivity in corporate training...almost to the tune of, "that's interesting, but we need them to perform immediately after training...and you only have one hour to train them!"

Frances Deepwell
11:20pm 14 January 2013

Hi Judy, 

I found your cloud via Cicero's and would also like to work a little more 'outside the box' - tell me more about your Dream


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